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The SCE, SCCM, and SCA credentials validate and promote your proficiency with Summation® technology. Although there are no prerequisites to take the exams, candidates will benefit from taking the recommended courses listed below.

It is common to attain just one certification, based on your particular role using the tool. It is also common for those supporting the tool in your organization to seek all three certifications. Obtaining all three certifications shows complete proficiency with the tool and allows the candidate to successfully address and support the needs of each role within your organization. Instead of attending each course individually, we offer a 5-day Summation Specialist Program, which provides training on the Administration, Case Management, Advanced Processing and Review platforms of Summation and the opportunity to take the associated exam immediately after each portion of the training. Those who pass all three exams, will have the Summation Specialist credential, the highest credential available for Summation software. We encourage students to utilize training manuals from previously taken courses as well as the study guides provided below, which provide sample questions similar to what will be encountered on each exam.

SCE, SCCM, SCA Process

Summation Certification Exams consist of a free, online, multiple-choice exam.

  • To take the SCE, SCCM, or SCA exam, click HERE.
  • Click: Register.
  • Complete the requested information.
  • Click: Create New User.
  • Select the exam you would like to take.
  • The number of test questions, time limit, scoring information, and testing functionality will be presented to you after clicking on the exam of your choice. At that point, you may click “Start this Test” or logout and take the exam at a future date.
  • For questions about this process, please contact

Map your certification plans with the following information and study guides.

Certification Technology Recommended Courses
Summation Specialist Program Summation Reviewer/Case Management/Adv Processing/Admin
Summation Certified Enduser (SCE) Summation Reviewer
Summation Certified Enduser (SCE) iBlaze Fundamentals
Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) Summation Case Management
Advanced Processing
Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) iBlaze Case Management
Summation Certified Adminstrator (SCA) Summation Administration
Summation Certified Administrator (SCA) iBlaze Administration
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Summation Certification Exam Study Guides