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Integrated Digital Investigations

Only AccessData offers true end-to-end solutions, with all products unified on a single database. This means seamlessly connected workflows in a forensically sound environment, limiting…

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MPE+ for E-Discovery

With the explosive growth of mobile device usage and mobile data, security and legal teams are encountering complex e-discovery challenges when building their cases or…

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Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®): Digital Investigations

Built to interoperate with mobile and e-discovery solutions, FTK® helps you find relevant evidence faster, dramatically increases analysis speed and reduces backlogs. It’s the only…

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Managing Data Risk and Compliance

Compliance is one of the top investigations corporations conduct on a weekly basis. Yet, ensuring compliance is challenging when data is located across various endpoints…

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Large-Scale Investigation and Processing

When you need to quickly process huge datasets, handle various data types and run multiple cases at the same time, AD Lab helps conquer your…

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Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®): Digital Investigations

The public sector standard for efficiency, accuracy and collaboration, and is trusted by government agencies and corporations around the globe. Learn how FTK can help…

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