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Summation® is the only all-inclusive, web-based legal review platform that provides teams with a single tool for managing all post-collection stages of e-discovery. Powered by trusted FTK® processing technology, Summation combines processing, review and case organization into a single product for the most cost-effective, accelerated e-discovery possible. And because Summation utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, data never has to move throughout the e-discovery process, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation.


Summation is all-inclusive, so there are no up-charges for modules. And automatic “predictive coding” functionality is integrated directly into Summation, eliminating the need to put reviewer eyes on every document to find the most relevant set and dramatically reducing review time and cost.


Only AccessData has LawDrop™, with simple drag-and-drop functionality to help eliminate mistakes when importing information into Summation. LawDrop and our intuitive data visualization features make Summation the ideal tool for teams of all skill levels.


Summation combines full-strength data processing, early case assessment and final review features in a single platform—eliminating the need for iterative processing, data loading and multiple review cycles.


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Powered by trusted FTK processing technology, Summation utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, so data never has to be moved throughout the e-discovery process, reducing the risk of data loss and spoliation.

Features Built Around You

Capabilities to Empower You

  • End-to-end e-discovery platform offering data processing, ECA and final review in one.

  • Near-native and word boundary redaction allows you to redact first, then image only the smaller redacted set of documents.

  • Transcript support with RealTime™.

  • Integrated case organizer functionality facilitates case collaboration, helping teams easily chronicle, organize and search important facts, relevant events, key testimony, questions and summaries as they prepare for trial.

  • Browser Briefcase feature enables secure web-based access to your case from anywhere, even when you’re offline.

  • Advanced case data filtering with hundreds of unique facets.

  • Seamless integration with Quin-C, AccessData’s powerful additive technology for accelerated legal review.

What Clients Are Saying

When you're ready, consider upgrading to Quin-C

You rely on Summation for managing all post-collection stages of e-discovery — and now you can upgrade to Quin-C, the pioneering technology from AccessData that brings together comprehensive data processing, legal review and analysis in a single, powerful web-based platform.

Built in partnership with our users, the new interface is clean, simple and designed to be accessible to everyone regardless of skill level.

For more information, jump over to the Quin-C page, HERE.

Quin-C Feature Video

Take a look at the new Quin-C, where simplicity was the signature of our latest release. Quin-C 7.4 represents an incredible leap forward in ease of use and intuitive navigation, all without sacrificing the raw processing power that gives you the edge in any investigation. Legal reviewers will love the advancements made and Summation customers will be ready to move to this leading-edge technology that is easy enough to grasp for even the most non-technical user.




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