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Fast-track your investigations and discovery with rapid document review and let users of all experience levels easily tackle critical review tasks—even offline. QView™ from AccessData® is a simple, intuitive, fast and flexible desktop review tool that delivers anytime, anywhere access to your vital documents for viewing in native or near-native format, with a robust toolset capable of handling any standard review.


Combine the power of a desktop app with the speed and agility of AccessData solutions for blazing-fast document review in a standalone reviewer that interoperates with Quin-C™ and FTK®.

Clarity and Speed

Render documents in native or near-native format at almost instantaneous speeds for the fastest, clearest view of your data. Empower users with an intuitive, customizable interface easily mastered, regardless of technical skill.


Download data directly to your machine and review vital documents locally and offline, simply and securely. Easily sync changes when back online, keeping notes, tags and coding intact.

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