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Why You Want It

The hurdles in digital investigations are fierce: staggeringly large data sets that continue to grow in size, diversity, and complexity, combined with limited resources. AccessData® is reimagining digital investigation technology to accelerate the investigative process and maximize outcomes in ways previously only dreamed possible.

Introducing Quin-C, the bright new future of digital investigations. This pioneering software solution from AccessData® is changing the way digital investigations happen, empowering investigators and forensics labs of all sizes with groundbreaking tools and transforming their work environments.

Quin-C speeds data access, processing and analysis, and offers a highly customizable UI for more accurate, advanced investigations in less time. It’s simple, visual and powerful, with flexible out-of-the-box configurations to fit the unique needs and challenges of any digital investigation. Come, reimagine.

Transformative Environment

Quin-C keeps the investigative environment simple with consolidated access to the many technologies required for advanced analysis within an integrated, customizable solution, accessible anywhere from any device via our HTML5 web-based interface.

Empowered Investigators

Quin-C offers advanced collaboration capabilities and faster, more accurate and relevant findings when processing and analyzing data. Available data visualization features transform understanding and an ability to learn from past investigations helps improve future outcomes.

Dynamic Investigations

As with other AccessData® solutions, Quin-C delivers unmatched speed and scalability with powerful processing capabilities. And Quin-C is continually expanding to meet new investigative demands. Get the latest widget-based functionality with a simple refresh ― no waiting for a major software release. 

Features Built Around You

Capabilities to Empower You

  • Comprehensive, integrated digital investigation solution supports the unique, dynamic workflows of investigative teams and forensics labs.
  • Advanced UI customization lets you match layout and permissions to specific investigations and specific users. 
  • Available collaboration and automation features support and guide your unique workflow, so you can scale the talents of your most highly trained investigators while maximizing skills of your entire staff.
  • Open interface widgets let you select exactly the functionality you need and offer simple, straightforward upgrades.
  • Integrated, interactive data visualization tools – timelines, maps, charts and link analysis – help you understand your data and investigate your case.
  • Cross-case search discovers patterns and relationships across data sets in a way humans can’t.
  • Database analysis enables SQL commands to explore data at the deepest level.
  • C# code injection produces efficient targeted searching.
  • Robust and growing ecosystem promotes extended capabilities through seamless integrations with Belkasoft®, Compelson® and Google™ image recognition.

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