Professional Services


Empower your team to work smarter and better with help from AccessData experts trained in forensics and e-discovery processes. Our team has worked with customers in a variety of industries to provide support for everything from forensic imaging and analysis through complete litigation managed support. Whether you’re part of corporate security, law enforcement, government agencies or law firms, we partner with you to support your team with scalable services that are a smart investment for the future. We know that different organizations have different needs. That’s why we have multiple options for working together:

Hosting Services

This cloud-based service is ideal for customers who need varying levels of litigation support. What your team manages and what we manage for you is entirely up to you.

Dedicated On-Site Services

For the customer who needs continual support, AccessData consultants work at your location and give you whatever expertise you need for forensics, eDiscovery, litigation support or project management.

Ad Hoc Services

If you only need intermittent support locally or remotely, our Ad Hoc offering is the perfect fit. This could be any type of support; we work with you to define your needs and create a service plan that makes sense for you.

AccessData experts acquire and preserve data from computers, network shares, removable devices and mobile devices.

Using our proprietary technology, we can search and collect from hundreds of computers across your enterprise, including employees’ laptops and removable media, even if they are not logged into your network. These capabilities are just a few ways in which AccessData differs from other service providers.

Data Acquisition & Preservation

This cloud-based service is ideal for customers who need varying levels of litigation support. What your team manages and what we manage for you is entirely up to you.

Forensic Analysis

AccessData experts have assisted organizations of all sizes in exposing and investigating a variety of criminal and malicious activities, including database tampering, inappropriate sharing of confidential company information, deletion of files, wiping of files or hard drives or viewing of inappropriate content. We will help you understand the activity putting your organization and risk and develop a plan for eliminating it.

Expert Witness Testimony

AccessData Services experts are some of the most experienced digital forensics analysts in the world. Because we develop the industry’s leading technology used to analyze digital evidence, we are also the best choice when it comes to choosing an expert witness. As digital forensics professionals we adhere to civil and criminal guidelines and provide objective analysis and reports, advising you every step of the way on the case at hand and how the digital evidence may be interpreted.

AccessData's Litigation Support Services team serves as your strategic partner and litigation support manager, walking you through each step of the discovery process to control costs and maximize efficiencies.

E-Discovery Processing

Let the experts in processing help you get your data ready for review. With our comprehensive processing service, you get free case creation, free OCR processing (PDF and Tiff), the most affordable per-gigabyte pricing on the market (a fraction of the cost of competing providers) and free load file creation to whatever review platform is required.

Case Walk Through

AD eDiscovery® or Summation® has been installed and your team has been trained. But are you ready to crack your first case? An AccessData expert will help you in-person. You will get an Advance Knowledge Transfer while walking through your first (or subsequent) case, and receive assistance throughout the process all the way through production.

Workflow Analysis and Documentation

Having a repeatable, defensible workflow in place for managing e-discovery helps speed the process while reducing cost and risk. Let us work with your organization to assess your current e-discovery process and help create a full, custom workflow using AccessData solutions. Following the analysis, a workflow document can be created to support AccessData software specific to your e-discovery needs.

Managed Services

Let us take the burden and cost of on-premises data hosting off your hands! With our managed services offering, we work with trusted data hosting partners to securely store and host your data for e-discovery. And our skilled professional services team is available to assist with case creation, data loading, productions and project management, if you need additional support.