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Conquer Mobile Investigations with AccessData

Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion of us have access to mobile phones, giving nearly everyone a key entry point to the online world. With this increased usage, mobile devices and the way people use data are transforming how law enforcement agencies and corporations perform investigations. More complicated and fast paced, teams now need to have adaptive tools to meet their constantly changing needs.

Not all digital forensic solutions can keep up, but with AccessData’s mobile collection tools, you’ll have a powerful, yet cost-effective suite of products for forensically collecting and analyzing mobile devices, whether you’re an expert digital investigator or a non-technical user.


With AccessData’s MPE+® and nFIELD™ you can collect phone call history and contact information; audio, photos or videos; SMS texts and even recover deleted SMS messages. Internet usage and downloads can also be acquired and due to GPS, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® cell towers connect users real-time to determine their approximate location.

Support all modern operating systems: AccessData’s mobile collection tools will integrate with any modern operating system, including iOS® 9 and 10 and Android™.

Reduce costs without sacrificing quality: MPE+ and nFIELD support over 10,000 devices, meaning you can uncover more evidence faster than with other solutions, all while costing you less.

Seamless integration with FTK®: The world’s recognized standard, court-cited, preferred digital investigation solution.


On-Scene Mobile Collection

Why You Want nFIELD

With more and more data being stored in mobile devices, teams need tools that can adapt, helping you to be more effective and efficient in the investigative process. With nFIELD, first responders, IT and HR professionals can forensically collect and preview information on any supported mobile device with virtually zero training necessary, all in five simple steps. And to help alleviate the increase in case backlog, nFIELD is designed to collect at the scene of the crime, empowering you to process evidence faster, without sacrificing confidence or data quality.

Users can perform logical and physical acquisitions of mobile devices along with UICC and mass storage devices. nFIELD can also be customized by an administrator to only allow the collection of certain types of user data, and even allow for the collection to be stored in a network mapped drive.


nFIELD provides a fast and simple way to triage mobile devices that potentially contain crucial evidence right on-scene, allowing for instant triage when time and resources are limited.


Because mobile devices are now critical for evidentiary purposes, more personnel without proper training are now performing data collections, increasing the chances of data corruption. To maintain integrity, nFIELD automatically creates a forensic image along with a report so first responders/collectors can preview and obtain the data they need.


Today, employees are connected with mobile devices all over the world, while enterprise IT and forensic teams are limited by budget and onsite device collection challenges. nFIELD allows forensic investigators as well as IT security teams to collect mobile device data from different locations.


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