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Why You Want It

Seamlessly integrate your AccessData forensic and e-discovery platforms with other software to automate the previously time-intensive manual processes across the investigative workflow. AccessData is the first forensics company to offer a full-featured API that can integrate across the entire forensics and e-discovery portfolio, dramatically speeding up investigations and reducing the risk and expense of passing data between platforms.


Integrate your management tools with AD Lab to automatically create cases and process jobs with defined organization standards, dramatically cutting the time users wait for jobs to be completed.


Integrate seamlessly with your cybersecurity platform to kick off a post-breach investigation from the first moments after an intrusion has been detected, initiating the immediate preservation of electronic evidence in an investigation.


Integrate with e-discovery systems to automate a standard endpoint collection after someone is put on a litigation hold. This type of automation allows less experienced users to use a litigation hold functionality but still preserve endpoint data automatically.

Automate Investigation Workflows with new API

Automate previously time-intensive processes across the investigative workflow with the groundbreaking new API from AccessData.

Features Built Around You


  • Initiate the immediate collection of data at the designated endpoint, to preserve evidence related to the root cause of a data breach and save precious time in the initial stages of incident response.
  • Automate case creation; automatically process jobs with defined organization standards and inform the investigator when their job is finished.
  • Automate a standard endpoint collection template used in an organization after a legal hold is initiated.
  • Integrate an unlimited number of software tools with your AccessData solutions.
  • Dramatically reduce the time needed to start a case after your SIEM tool triggers an event.
  • Integrate the forensics acquisition component with your enterprise SIEM, giving your investigators a single pane of glass view.
  • Reduce the risk and expense of passing data between platforms.

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