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Whether conducting a large-scale search or audit against a broad range of structured and unstructured data, or supporting the complete end-to-end e-discovery process, AD eDiscovery® helps organizations mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and improve response efficiency. A single, fully integrated platform for forensically sound enterprise-wide preservation/lit hold, search, collection, processing, data assessment and complete legal review, AD eDiscovery gives teams a repeatable, defensible process for managing e-discovery that will hold up in court.


Limit hand-offs between vendors and technologies with a single, secure, end-to-end solution and protect against spoliation, data loss and theft.


Process all potentially relevant information, structured and unstructured, inside and outside the enterprise, with a single integrated solution, meaning less cost and wasted resources for your organization.


Now you can collect data faster from even more data sources, including Office 365®, with the latest release of AD eDiscovery. We’ve also automated more tasks, speeding up the time between collection and analysis.


AD eDiscovery Featured Video

AD eDiscovery Featured Video Whether its conducting a large-scale search or audit against a broad range of structured and unstructured data, or supporting the complete end-to-end e-discovery process, AD eDiscovery helps organizations mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve response efficiency.

Capabilities to Empower You

  • End-to-end e-discovery platform supporting preservation through production
  • Advanced interactive data visualizations to quickly identify relationships and custodian communication patterns
  • Collect data seamlessly from over 30 of the most-used data repositories and cloud platforms
  • Using user-friendly, workflow-driven templates, AD eDiscovery performs "agentless" collections from the latest Google™ G Suite™, Enterprise Vault®, and Microsoft® O365® and OneDrive® environments
  • Collect emails—even upgraded/migrated Exchange/O365 emails that contain “illegal” data—directly into your AccessData environment as distinct files, ready for MD5 hashing
  • Create/export searchable PDFs from native files.
  • Intuitive litigation hold wizard featuring real-time hold status updates, pre-loaded notification templates and out-of-the-box litigation hold integrations with the leading HR database solutions
  • Ability to assign secure web and role-based access
  • Process over 700 data types (including PSTs/NSFs) with full forensic logging
  • Integrated document review with predictive coding
  • Transform your unstructured data into new discoveries: Brainspace customers can pull data from AD eDiscovery for deeper insights without using load files
  • Direct web API export feature enables the seamless transfer of data from AD eDiscovery to Relativity® without the use of load files

A Review of AD eDiscovery

Hear a comprehensive review of AD eDiscovery from Legal Tech Publishing covering Data Collection, Data Processing and Document Review.

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