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Network Investigation and Post-Breach Analysis


Why You Want It

Today’s digital forensics teams face many challenges in a world filled with an overwhelming amount of data. From multiple office locations, to massive employee pools and remote workers, AD Enterprise provides deep visibility into data to investigate employee wrongdoing and to facilitate regulatory and legal requirements so you can respond quickly, remotely and covertly while maintaining chain of custody. Whether investigating personnel, fact checking a whistleblower’s claims, or investigating government inquiries, AD Enterprise facilitates focused forensic investigation and post-breach analysis, without interruption to business operations.


Don’t waste time or resources if you have machines go offline. With AD Enterprise’s unique Pause and Resume feature, work picks up right where it left off, so you never fall behind or wonder where your investigation stopped.


AD Enterprise promotes collaboration across all departments and can monitor threats and remediate security breaches on-site or remotely at every endpoint quickly and effectively. This helps reduce the need for and the cost of travel to investigate possible wrongdoing.


Discretion can be critical when conducting investigations, and AD Enterprise ensures that employees and teams aren’t tipped off as you cull through data. Feel confident in monitoring content, scanning your network for violations, investigating IP theft and tracking employee misconduct.


Network Investigation & Post-Breach Analysis

From multiple office locations to massive employee pools and remote workers, AD Enterprise provides deep visibility into your organization’s data, to uncover employee wrongdoing and facilitate regulatory and legal requirements quickly and covertly.

Features Built Around You

Capabilities to Empower You

  • AD Enterprise supports forensic examination on a broad range of operating systems including Windows®, Linux®, Mac®, UNIX®, Android™ and iOS®.
  • Customizable processing profile buttons help create a set of standards for processing particular types of investigations.
  • Perform multipass data review and change indexing options without reprocessing your data.
  • Perform differential analysis on volatile data to see changes over time and facilitate identification of potential threats.
  • Restore partially deleted data, fragmented files, hidden processes and volatile data from a wide array of file types and data sources.
  • Investigate with ease, using wizard-­driven processing and reporting with intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Parse, review and analyze mobile chat data from the most-used chat applications.
  • Automate email notifications at more case milestones for more users.
  • Automatically expand audit log and evidence tracking detail to improve chain of custody documentation.
  • With forensically sound collection capabilities and the AccessData® single, secure back-end database reducing data movement and potential data spoliation, you can be confident evidence is collected and preserved in a legally defensible manner.


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