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  • Forensic Tools 7.4.0

    Release Date: Sep 16, 2020 Download Now

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Product Downloads

AD Forensic Tools 7.4.0 Full Disk ISO Files
  • AD Forensic Tools 7.4.0 64Bit (7.41 GB) – MD5: 513e6e5064394180993d299ece70ebb6
  • AD Image Recognition installer (1.63 GB) – MD5: 0d206f531a608d58ee96e63062437187
  • AD Offline Translation installer (2.81 GB) – MD5: 5a8901bdedc4ce5a083133730683b969
  • AD Entity Extraction installer (38 MB) – MD5: 04c2ff71d3a58e39764dea853235ca6b
  • AD QuinC Help Files installer (2.7 GB) – MD5: 34b462e7d246377cf2f5143565df0e09

AD Forensic Tools 7.4.0 AD Image Recognition installer AD Offline Translation installer AD Entity Extraction installer AD QuinC Help Files installer

OS Support

64-Bit Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 10
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