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Growing Business Use of “Chat Apps” Poses Information Risk for Corporate Legal Departments

Tod Ewasko & Richard Hickman

Apr 06 2018 A 2017 survey of business professionals worldwide found that the average business professional uses 9.4 software apps for work purposes...

Tags: info gov, privacy, security,

In der Zwickmühle wegen Datenschutz und grenzüberschreitenden Datentransfers?

Abdeslam Afras

Jun 14 2016 Stecken Sie zurzeit in einer Zwickmühle und versuchen, sich Klarheit über die zahllosen Debatten zu Datenschutzgesetzen in Europa und Datentransfers...

Tags: cross-border, data, europe, privacy,

Privacy & Cross-Border Data Transfers Got You in a Quandary?

Abdeslam Afras

Jun 08 2016 Have you found yourself in a quandary these days, trying to sort through the whirlwind of debates on privacy laws...

Tags: cross-border, data, europe, privacy,

Privacy Watch: The U.S. and Europe Collide in the Microsoft Email Case

Abdeslam Afras

May 11 2016 U.S. courts spark European ire when they order U.S. companies to give U.S. law enforcement data stored on European soil...

Tags: europe, global, privacy, security,

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