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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Forensics

Lori Tyler

Jan 28 2021 As we steamroll into 2021, one of the biggest buzzwords being spoken of is Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short...

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A Letter From the CEO: FTK Roadmap and Our Exciting Path Forward

Bobby Balachandran

Dec 29 2020 It has been a little over three weeks since we announced Exterro had acquired AccessData. In that time, our teams...

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FTK® and AD Enterprise both nominated for 2020 SC Trust Awards

Lynne Walinsky Roossien

Feb 23 2020 Guess who is nominated twice for an SC Media Award this year? Your favorite forensic tools from AccessData – FTK...

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UK Budget Cuts Place Pressure on Law Enforcement Agencies to Conduct Investigations More Efficiently

Christopher Johnson

Dec 21 2018 British residents are familiar with the usual debates about public spending priorities and how government resources should be best allocated...

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FTK Helps Non-Profit Team Rescue Missing Child and Assist Law Enforcement Professionals with Arrest

AccessData Insight

Dec 19 2018 The AccessData team sat down recently with Dennis Ozment, the executive director of 4theONE, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding...

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