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Reviewers Rejoice! QView Makes Mobile Data Easy to Review, Search, Tag, and Code Evidence

Lori Tyler

Jan 30 2020 As mobile data becomes increasingly relevant and discoverable in civil and criminal matters, lawyers need to quickly and easily review...

Tags: e-discovery, mobile, DFIR,, digital investigation, legaltech,

Law Enforcement Professionals Need to Evaluate Digital Forensics Practices Amid Looming Constitutional Showdown Regarding Digital Searches

L.E. “Ted” Wilson

Mar 01 2018 There is a fascinating constitutional showdown brewing in the U.S. that will have significant implications for how our law enforcement...

Tags: digital forensics, digital investigation,

AccessData User Summit Spotlights Critical Role of Technology in Data Investigations and Increasing Crossover Between Forensics and E-Discovery

Lori Tyler

Jun 28 2017 The 2017 AccessData User Summit opening keynote address kicked off the week of activities with an intriguing question, “AI is...

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