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The Components of a Great Security Awareness Training Program

Abdeslam Afras

Oct 19 2020 Over the course of this year, and especially with the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most-heard topics...

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How to Secure the Remote Workforce

Abdeslam Afras

Oct 12 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed this world to degrees that were unexpected. Although many bad things have occurred because...

Tags: cyber, remote, WFH,

Understanding Cyber Resiliency

Lori Tyler

Oct 05 2020 In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, there are many issues that businesses are facing, especially given the fact that the remote...

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A Review of the Zero Trust Framework

Abdeslam Afras

Sep 10 2020 There is no doubt that the Cyber landscape of today has become very complicated, compounded because of the COVID19 pandemic...

Tags: cyber, zero trust,

The Role & Considerations of Hiring a vCISO

Abdeslam Afras

Sep 02 2020 Let’s face it, every company no matter how large or small needs a leader to navigate it across this new...

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