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How To Protect Against Asymmetric Cyber Warfare

Ravi Das

Mar 22 2021 What is asymmetric cyber warfare and how can you defend against it?

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Breaking Down the GDPR

Abdeslam Afras

Nov 17 2020 There are many hot issues that the world is facing today in the area of Cyber. The top of the...

Tags: gdpr, cyber,

IoT Security – The First Law

Abdeslam Afras

Nov 03 2020 The rise in IoT (Internet of Things) continues to astonish us, with 75 billion IoT devices estimated to be connected...

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The Components of a Great Security Awareness Training Program

Abdeslam Afras

Oct 19 2020 Over the course of this year, and especially with the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most-heard topics...

Tags: cyber, cybersecurity,

How to Secure the Remote Workforce

Abdeslam Afras

Oct 12 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed this world to degrees that were unexpected. Although many bad things have occurred because...

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