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Case Studies

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

CYTER’s Digital Forensics Team Relies on FTK® to Discover 90% of Data Overlooked by Competitive Tool During eDiscovery in Government Investigation

Some of the leading digital forensics software tools on the market can be so burdensome to implement and so complex to operate that they open the door to serious errors with collection and processing of data. CYTER's experience illustrates that FTK is much easier to set up prior to collection and processing so you can be confident in your results.


Product: AD Enterprise

Remote Mac Collection with Enterprise 7.3

When you need remote and covert collection from Mac operating systems, AD Enterprise 7.3 is the only tool on the market with the ability to mass deploy a remote Mac agent, without any manual intervention by the endpoint user. New integration with Jamf® deployment provides greater visibility into activity on all endpoints, network shares and peripheral devices, even those running on macOS® Catalina or Mojave.


Product: AD Lab, Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Top 3 Features in FTK 7.3

Explore the top new features in FTK 7.3, including Portable Case for offline review, enhanced mobile data parsing and new internet artifact categories. With this release, FTK will process and index more data types quicker than any other tool on the market.


Product: AD Lab

AD Lab Brochure

Digital forensics units throughout the world are inundated with ever-growing caseloads and increasingly massive data sets. AD Lab helps forensics labs gain control over their caseload by enabling examiners to work cases faster and more efficiently


Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) Brochure

FTK® is built for speed, stability and ease of use. It provides comprehensive processing and indexing up front, so filtering and searching is faster than with any other product. This means you can zero in on the relevant evidence quickly, dramatically increasing your analysis speed.

Product: AD Lab

Case Study: How a federal agency can reduce backlog from 9 months to 2 weeks and save $500,000

A federal agency reduced its forensics review turnaround time from months to days, while also providing a substantial increase in savings through the use of AD Lab and its ability to simultaneously process more types of data and large-scale data sets. Forensic investigators experienced greater efficiency when controlling the data case agents require for an effective review. Summation® Pro afforded forensic investigators the ability to set privacy rights to ensure employees who review evidence only see data relevant to their case.

Product: AD Lab

Case Study: Royal Military Police seeks out AccessData for Digital Forensics

AD Lab, powered by AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) is the technology, used by all 3C staff to process and analyze potential evidence. AD Lab also allows multiple investigators to work collaboratively in real time, via a Web interface to achieve more efficient early case assessment.

Product: Summation

Crowe & Dunlevy share best practices to simplify the e-discovery workflow

After comparing several other legal review platforms, Crowe & Dunlevy recently implemented Summation to help simplify their e-discovery workflow, limit data handoffs between solutions and reduce costs for their clients. Charlotte Blacklee, Litigation Support Manager at Crowe & Dunlevy, shares her reasons for selecting Summation and how it compares to other discovery review platforms. With Summation, the firm has been able to simplify its e-discovery process, reduce cost and risk associated with moving data between tools for processing and review

Product: AD eDiscovery

Gaining Control & Reducing Cost: A Leading Home Manufacturer Brings eDiscovery In-House

A major corporation moved from a services-based litigation system to an in-house model using AccessData’s e-discovery software, AD eDiscovery®. Managing the process from litigation hold all the way through to final review gave the corporation extensive control and transparency, leading to enormous cost savings and improved efficiencies over their current processes.

Product: Summation

Case Study: Bassi Edlin Huie & Blum - Standardizes on Summation

"Summation’s advanced processing capabilities have saved us the cost of hiring outside vendors, which in turns allows us to pass on considerable savings to our clients."

Product: AD eDiscovery

Compliance Officers at UK Financial Institutions Leverage Technology for Faster Response

The business practices of companies in the UK financial industry are under increasing scrutiny. European and American regulators have handed down large fines to more than 10 banks and brokerages for their roles in rigging the prices of financial benchmarks such as LIBOR and Euribor. Banks in the UK have also been hit with significant financial penalties for misleading customers into using their systems to trade currencies and for trying to manipulate the spot foreign exchange (forex) trading market.

Product: AD Lab

AD Lab - Divide, Collaborate and Conquer!

Computer forensics labs across the United States and around the world are struggling to keep up with their ever-growing caseloads. The overwhelming increase in cases affects law enforcement, government agencies and large corporations alike. However, the issue is most often discussed within the context of criminal investigations, for obvious reasons.

Product: AD eDiscovery, AD Enterprise

A CIO & CISO Guide to Digital Discovery Technology Planning

As the growth of digital information continues to mount, so do the challenges facing CIO’s and IT professionals tasked with managing and protecting that data. To help keep you informed of the challenge facing today’s corporations, and arm you with the information and tools needed to help you prepare, AccessData has developed the CIO & CISO Guide to Digital Discovery Technology Planning.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK), Summation

Regulations, Privacy, and the Enterprise: Global Trends in Data and Collection

Today’s tech trends are having a tremendous impact on legal business operations. Nowhere is that more prominent than in protection and discovery, where mobility, social media and an increased volume of all types of data promise huge headaches for those responsible for data security and compliance.

Product: AD Enterprise

ADEnterprise System Security Overview

This paper focuses on the security aspects of AD Enterprise. It describes two classes of users who interact with AD Enterprise, the security procedures that they must follow, and the protection mechanisms that have been put in place to limit access to the collected data.

AccessData Interview at CLOC 2018 - Melissa Singleton & Lucas Florquist

Brett Burney interviews Mellissa (Mel) Singleton and Lucas (Luke) Florquist from AccessData at the CLOC 2018 Institute where they discuss how the AccessData suite of products covers the entire spectrum of eDiscovery needs at a law firm or corporation.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®): Digital Investigations

The public sector standard for efficiency, accuracy and collaboration, and is trusted by government agencies and corporations around the globe. Learn how FTK can help you quickly analyze data and find relevant evidence to greatly improve the results of your digital investigations.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK), MPE+, Summation

Forensic Data Integrity with Summation, FTK and MPE+

San Diego based firm Solomon Ward needed to collect, process, cull & analyze without exporting & reimporting data at each step in their workflow. Because AccessData tools all utilize the same database, they chose Summation, FTK, and MPE+ to maintain forensic data integrity, while accelerating the delivery of data to attorneys and saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Product: AD Enterprise

AD Enterprise: Network Investigation & Incident Response

From multiple office locations to massive employee pools and remote workers, AD Enterprise provides deep visibility into your organization’s data, to uncover employee wrongdoing and facilitate regulatory and legal requirements quickly and covertly.

Product: AD Lab

Large-Scale Investigation and Processing

When you need to quickly process huge datasets, handle various data types and run multiple cases at the same time, AD Lab helps conquer your caseload, all within a collaborative, scalable environment.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

Harness the Full Power, Speed and Reliabily of AccessData … in the Cloud!

Get instant, affordable scalability in a secure environment.

Product: Professional Services

Comprehensive and customizable services for forensic investigations, litigation support, and breach avoidance/response planning

Managing the essential data, tools and technology during digital investigation and incident response or an e-discovery project can be an incredible drain on time and resources. For more than a decade, our expert professional services team has been helping organizations like yours with exceptional service and support.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

Demystify Your Digital Investigations

With today’s incredible data deluge and the countless regulations governing its collection, preservation and management, law enforcement, corporate and legal professionals alike demand intuitive, future-forward tools that empower data collection and analysis excellence.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

Fast-track your team’s success with flexible, expert training opportunities

Exceptional training is the cornerstone to product mastery. That’s why we o er a wide variety of options to t most any training need or budget. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of anytime on-demand training or a customized classroom experience, AccessData delivers the solutions training and support you need to get the most of your tools and teams.

Product: Quin-C

Quin-C Named an Emerging Legal Technology by the NLJ

The National Law Journal has named Quin-C as an Emerging Legal Technology. Read more about the reasons why, the change agent within Quin-C and our unique approach.

Product: AD eDiscovery

AD eDiscovery Product Review eBook

In the 2020 edition of the eDiscovery Buyers Guide, Legal Tech Publishing reviews AD eDiscovery and covers the core product functionality, from preservation, litigation holds, collection, data processing and assessment, along with legal review and production.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

The Way Forward for Digital Forensics: Machine Learning in Today’s Complex Investigations Environment

These are challenging times for organizations and professionals engaged in forensic analysis and e-discovery. Investigations are multiplying and diversifying—there are more of them, and new types of cases arise all the time. As volumes and complexity increase, meeting deadlines and reaching beneficial outcomes become more difficult. Tackling today’s challenging investigations requires smarter solutions that can accommodate the changing nature of investigations and empower diversifying teams. This ebook explores the changing landscape of digital forensics and how machine learning can help.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

What You Should Know About the GDPR

The May 25, 2018 deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is quickly approaching. Are you ready for it? This AccessData sponsored eBook by Osterman Research provides a background and history of the GDPR, what is considered personal data, what your obligations are and how technology can help you in your ongoing compliance journey.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Digital Forensics Analysis

The data available to modern investigators may be a threat to criminals; surveillance, communications and transactions create a backlog that could take years to go through. This book explores the processes, standards and tools necessary for today’s investigators to accelerate their search and discover more impactful intel.

Product: AD eDiscovery, AD Enterprise, Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

CIO & CISO Guide

Digital Discovery Technology Planning

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

FTK Infographic

Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose FTK

Product: Summation

Summation Infographic

Survey says! Top 5 reasons why people choose Summation.

Product: AD eDiscovery, AD Enterprise

Investigation Infographic

It’s your investigation. What’s your solution? How to determine what you need to crack your case.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

The State of Digital Investigations

Research findings highlight the top enterprise digital investigation challenges and tips to plan for the future.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

AccessData Overview Infographic

From the single investigator to the largest labs in the world, AccessData has the right forensics solutions for you.

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