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Product: Quin-C

Quin-C for Forensic Investigations

We launched Quin-C to give investigative teams—across various roles and at every skill level—the ability to conduct and close more accurate, advanced investigations faster than ever before. How? By putting comprehensive data processing, review and analysis together on a single, powerful web-based platform.


Product: Quin-C

Quin-C for Legal Review

When we launched Quin-C, we brought together comprehensive data processing, legal review and analysis in a single, powerful web-based platform. The latest release represents an incredible leap forward in ease of use, speed and workflow navigation. All without sacrificing the raw processing speed and power that gives you the edge when every minute counts.


Product: Quin-C

Quin-C Overview

With a fresh, focused new interface, Quin-C® empowers investigative, forensic, IT and legal teams at every skill level to conduct and close more accurate, advanced investigations faster than ever before. Our latest release of this game-changing investigation technology represents an incredible leap forward for speed and simplicity.

Case Studies

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

CYTER’s Digital Forensics Team Relies on FTK® to Discover 90% of Data Overlooked by Competitive Tool During eDiscovery in Government Investigation

Some of the leading digital forensics software tools on the market can be so burdensome to implement and so complex to operate that they open the door to serious errors with collection and processing of data. CYTER's experience illustrates that FTK is much easier to set up prior to collection and processing so you can be confident in your results.


Product: AD eDiscovery

AD eDiscovery Brochure

Efficiently and seamlessly conduct enterprise-wide search, targeted forensically sound collection, systemized preservation, litigation hold, processing, data assessment and complete legal review—all while keeping costs in line and reducing risk. Connect and collect structured and unstructured data from more than 30 of the most-used data repositories and cloud platforms, including Microsoft Office 365®, Google™ G Suite™, Box™, Enterprise Vault™ and OneDrive® environments.

Product: MPE+

MPE+ Reno Police Department Case Study

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+) helps Reno Police Department streamline ever-increasing case load problem.

Product: Summation

Markowitz Herbold Case Study

Markowitz Herbold uses Summation® to tackle 7 terabytes of data and save its clients millions in processing and review costs.

Product: MPE+

Northwest Ohio Technology Crimes Unit (NOTCU)

MPE+, No Longer the Validation Tool!

Product: AD Lab

AD Lab Delivers Speed and Flexibility to Support Digital Forensics Collections by 4MAT Data Solutions

4MAT Data Solutions is a UK-based provider of digital forensics and investigations services. One of the firm’s core offerings is conducting digital “search and seizure” operations, ensuring that electronic evidence is captured and the integrity of the chain of custody is maintained.

Product: AD Lab, Forensic Toolkit (FTK), Summation

Grant Thornton, global accounting, tax and advisory company, puts its trust in AccessData for computer forensics and e-discovery solutions.

Grant Thornton selected Summation for its integration with FTK, improving internal workflows and service quality through its rapid remote collection.

Product: AD eDiscovery

UK Telecommunications Companies Leverage Software Tools to Manage Large Data Collections in Litigation and Government Investigations

UK companies in every major industry are at risk for cybersecurity intrusions and the telecommunications industry has learned they are especially vulnerable. Download this white paper to find out why UK telecom companies are embracing a new set of technology tools to help them mitigate these risks.

Product: Professional Services

The Future of Data Is Here, and There’s No Going Back

Digital forensics investigators and analysts in the public sector, like the private sector, are scrambling to stay ahead of sprawling data that increases the need for new solutions to collect, cull, analyze, categorize, and contextualize data.

Product: AD Enterprise

For Internal Investigations, Technology Is Playing Catch-Up With Technology

In an interview with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, AccessData Senior Sales Engineer Scott Lefton discusses the changing landscape of internal investigations and the need for companies to be more aware of the biggest threat to their data today –their own employees.

Product: AD eDiscovery

Increasing Regulatory Burden on UK Pharmaceutical Companies Fuels Need for Technology Solutions to E-Discovery

Pharmaceutical companies in the UK are facing rising litigation risks and growing regulatory pressures on multiple fronts. This pressure raises the stakes on how corporate executive teams manage electronic data that resides on email servers and other data repositories. Download this white paper to find out how AccessData can help pharma companies mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve response efficiency to increasing e-discovery demands.

Product: AD eDiscovery

Compliance Officers at UK Financial Institutions Leverage Technology for Faster Response

The business practices of companies in the UK financial industry are under increasing scrutiny. European and American regulators have handed down large fines to more than 10 banks and brokerages for their roles in rigging the prices of financial benchmarks such as LIBOR and Euribor. Banks in the UK have also been hit with significant financial penalties for misleading customers into using their systems to trade currencies and for trying to manipulate the spot foreign exchange (forex) trading market.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

This Time Its Personal: CISOs and Other Corporate Leaders Face Criminal and Civil Investigations

Information security professionals need to become more aware of the personal risks that they face, the legal landscape for incident response and security generally, and how to best protect themselves, their jobs and their careers. Aravind Swaminathan, partner at Orrick, will draw on his experience representing and advising information security professionals in connection with large data security events, and offer practical advice on how to keep you and your career protected.

Product: AD Cloud Solutions

AccessData Cloud Solutions for Service Providers

Learn how leveraging the cloud can help service providers get a secure, flexible solution for managing the diverse needs of their clients.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

Managing Investigations and Global Data Privacy Rights

Global organizations need tools that create the appropriate balance between collecting relevant evidence for investigations and maintaining privacy rights. Learn how AccessData’s solutions help ensure you’re protecting data integrity and privacy throughout an investigation.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

Managing Public Sector Investigations

As agencies continue to grapple with increased backlog from growing, more complex caseloads, it’s even more critical that teams can collaborate effectively and zero in on relevant evidence faster. Learn how AccessData can help.

Product: Quin-C

Legal Investigations and E-Discovery

Ever-changing technologies, new regulations, cyber threats and more create ongoing challenges for legal professionals simply trying to better serve their clients. Our solutions can help ensure investigations are managed in a secure, defensible manner, while reducing overall e-discovery costs.

Product: AD Enterprise

A Review of AD Enterprise as Published by Forensic Focus

Download a review of AD Enterprise, as published in Forensic Focus. Jade James reviews the product's key features, including the ability to preview live data; filtering and targeting options for those who only want to retrieve data that is pertinent; the ability to conduct live memory analysis to find traces of malware; and identification and removal of unapproved process by wiping or killing remotely.

Product: Professional Services

AccessData Forensics Services

AccessData’s computer forensics experts are available to assist with your most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation. Our investigators have more than 30 years of experience investigating administrative cases, civil cases, local and federal crimes. We offer personalized services to our clients during every phase of the investigation to ensure that they receive the artifacts and evidence needed for their cases.

Product: AccessData Portfolio, AD eDiscovery

Gartner’s Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions

Download the 2019 Gartner Report, which analyzes the e-discovery market, where it’s headed, recommendations and key vendors.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

New FTK Services & Training Packages

If you are an existing or new FTK user and want to maximize your investment, get the most out of the latest features, ensure you are getting top performance or want confidence your work will be protected in the event of an IT crisis, AccessData® will help! New FTK Enablement Packages offer a range of services and training options in order to make a custom package to meet your needs.

Product: AD Lab, Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

FTK & AD Lab 7.1

Complete deep-dive forensic investigations faster with image and facial recognition

Product: AD eDiscovery

AD eDiscovery Product Review eBook

In the 2020 edition of the eDiscovery Buyers Guide, Legal Tech Publishing reviews AD eDiscovery and covers the core product functionality, from preservation, litigation holds, collection, data processing and assessment, along with legal review and production.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

The Way Forward for Digital Forensics: Machine Learning in Today’s Complex Investigations Environment

These are challenging times for organizations and professionals engaged in forensic analysis and e-discovery. Investigations are multiplying and diversifying—there are more of them, and new types of cases arise all the time. As volumes and complexity increase, meeting deadlines and reaching beneficial outcomes become more difficult. Tackling today’s challenging investigations requires smarter solutions that can accommodate the changing nature of investigations and empower diversifying teams. This ebook explores the changing landscape of digital forensics and how machine learning can help.

Product: AccessData Portfolio

What You Should Know About the GDPR

The May 25, 2018 deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is quickly approaching. Are you ready for it? This AccessData sponsored eBook by Osterman Research provides a background and history of the GDPR, what is considered personal data, what your obligations are and how technology can help you in your ongoing compliance journey.

Product: Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Digital Forensics Analysis

The data available to modern investigators may be a threat to criminals; surveillance, communications and transactions create a backlog that could take years to go through. This book explores the processes, standards and tools necessary for today’s investigators to accelerate their search and discover more impactful intel.

Product: AD eDiscovery, AD Enterprise, Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

CIO & CISO Guide

Digital Discovery Technology Planning

Product: AccessData Portfolio

AccessData Overview Infographic

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