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Provide High-Value Forensic and E-Discovery Services, with the Power of AccessData

Forensic and legal service providers want to better serve their clients by simplifying their e-discovery process and reducing costs.

AccessData provides flexible software solutions to help you stay nimble, and quickly and effectively serve your customers, who expect rapid responsiveness 24/7. Our tools allow for hybrid deployment (on-prem + cloud), helping you maximize your ability to pivot to your clients’ ever-changing needs and workflows.

With the enormous amount of digital data that needs to be collected, processed, reviewed, and often times hosted, you need integrated tools to make the legal process efficient and cost-effective.

At AccessData, we're focused on getting you through document processing and review faster and with less resources, helping you deliver excellent service to your clients.

AccessData Cloud Solutions for Service Providers

Looking to reduce the burden of IT infrastructure while improving speed? AccessData now offers high-speed processing & ECA in the cloud to specifically address the needs of Service Providers. Powered by FTK®, our proven industry-leading AD Cloud Solutions can outperform your current environment, with faster processing speeds than anything else on the market.

Solutions for Service Providers

High-speed Processing + ECA

AccessData has the fastest, most powerful processing tools on the market, on-prem or in the cloud:

- Process large data sets
- Scalable 13X DPE processing
- Process 7TB in 24 hours

Incident Response

If you're looking to build out an IR/post-breach arm of your business, AD Enterprise features:

- Post-breach investigation
- Remote data collection
- API to automate workflow

AWS Cloud Hosting

High-speed processing & ECA in the cloud to specifically address the needs of Service Providers:

- Secure AWS environments
- Unmatched speed and scalability
- Private Cloud or SaaS options

E-Discovery & Legal Review

Comprehensive data processing, review and analysis in an easy-to-use, web-based interface:

- Full e-discovery review platform from processing to production
- Seamless export into Relativity®


FTK® Imager

Evidence Acquisition Tool

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)®

Dead-Box Forensics

AD Lab

Large-Scale Investigation and Processing


Deeper Insights for Investigations & Legal Review

AD Enterprise

Live Data, Remote Collection & Cyber Forensics

AccessData API

Automate Forensic Collection & Incident Response


AccessData's Litigation Support Services team serves as your strategic partner and litigation support manager, walking you through each step of the discovery process to control costs and maximize efficiencies.

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