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More and more, law firms want to better serve their clients by simplifying their e-discovery process and reducing costs. At AccessData, we’re focused on getting you through document review faster and with less resources. Our integrated solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness, helping you realize savings you can pass on to clients. AccessData® has integrated tools for processing, review and case organization that make more efficient e-discovery possible.
Using a shared, forensically secure backend database, data never has to be moved throughout e-discovery, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation and decreasing costs. And with product features like e–mail re-duplication, automatic predictive coding and advanced visualization tools, you can speed up data processing and reduce large data sets down to the most relevant files for even faster review.

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Take a look at the new Quin-C, where simplicity was the signature of our latest release. Quin-C 7.4 represents an incredible leap forward in ease of use and intuitive navigation, all without sacrificing the raw processing power that gives you the edge in any investigation. Legal reviewers will love the advancements made and Summation customers will be ready to move to this leading-edge technology that is easy enough to grasp for even the most non-technical user.

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Take a quick look at the simple, intuitive interface and basic review functionality for document searching, filtering and viewing, as well as tagging, bookmarking, labeling and redacting. It can quickly render a wide variety of document types with document display in native or near-native form for the best possible viewing experience. Super clean and easy to use, you'll need little training in order to accomplish basic review or even processing. Its blazing-fast speed will help you get through the biggest data sets in record time.

Legal Investigations and E-Discovery

Ever-changing technologies, new regulations, cyber threats and more create ongoing challenges for legal professionals simply trying to better serve their clients. Our solutions can help ensure investigations are managed in a secure, defensible manner, while reducing overall e-discovery costs.


Forensic Toolkit (FTK)®

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Our Professional Services team can work with any size organization to provide scalable support for short- or long-term initiatives, based on your needs.

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