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Like you, our clients are challenged with increasing backlogs, collecting and analyzing data as quickly as possible, scaling to handle massive cases, dealing with complex data types … investigations are never easy or cookie-cutter.

The crucial difference to their success was in using AccessData. In business for more than 30 years, we offer industry-leading solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands with our unique collection-to-analysis needs.

Take a look at just a few of our many customer success stories. All real situations, with real challenges, resolved by using AccessData … Products that empower faster results, better insights and more connectivity.

Looking for a leading forensics solution you can rely on in high stakes cases?


The Australian-based consulting firm, CYTER, was engaged by a large law firm to provide e-discovery consulting services for a major government investigation. The engagement was large and highly sensitive, making evidence discovery crucial, so they chose FTK. After the law firm received CYTER’s ECA, they used a different tool—a competitor to FTK—to reprocess the same raw data. To the astonishment of everyone, the competitive tool surfaced just 10% of the data that FTK harvested.

"We quickly discovered that the other tool had failed to recover tens of thousands of deleted emails that FTK had properly identified and analyzed."

Yian Sun

Senior Forensics Specialist


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Are you looking for an imaging tool that lets you quickly assess evidence to determine if further analysis is warranted?


This retired FBI Special Agent, former supervisor of the FBI New York CART (Computer Analysis Response Team) and current Director of Technology at Renaissance Associates, needed faster image creation and verification of multiple images.

"Great speed improvements with Imager 4.3, particularly with the verification of multiple images. No longer a need to batch verify multiple images via the command line, as the GUI is able to prioritize and process in parallel without an adverse impact upon performance."

Bryan Gorczyk

Director of Technology

Renaissance Associates, Ltd. and retired FBI Special Agent, formerly the supervisor of the FBI New York CART (Computer Analysis Response Team).

Are you looking for a lightning fast processing tool that beats out its competition in side-by-side comparison testing?


UBI Banca knew it needed a tool to manage large-scale internal investigations. They decided to review a number of products in the industry, ultimately selecting AD Lab for its fast processing speed and cost-effective pricing. Having powered through a 160-gigabyte image file in just 13 minutes, they had immediate reassurance they had made the right choice.

"The software’s tremendous speed sets the standard for excellence in the IT industry."

Luca Antoniolli

Senior IT Auditor

UBI Banca

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Do you need to ramp up your digital investigation processing speed and more effectively manage large caseloads?


As a leader in digital investigations, 4MAT has designed and implemented complicated forensic software projects for law enforcement agencies, military and corporate clients around the world. The firm knew it needed to employ leading solutions to gain control over caseloads, work faster and improve team collaboration.

"AD Lab is easy to use by anyone on our team, is powered by engines that are stable and reliable, and allows us to process evidence faster and more efficiently than other tools in the marketplace."

Matt Blackband

4Mat Data Founder

4MAT Data Solutions

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Searching for an integrated solution to manage both computer forensics and e-discovery that works for remote, global teams?


Grant Thornton, a leading international accounting, tax and advisory firm, needed a unified platform that could be used for both digital forensics and e-discovery and that could handle multi-lingual documents with different character sets. The organization wanted to drastically reduce the time it takes to conduct time-sensitive analysis, and wanted a tool that could be used by forensic IT investigation teams, no matter where they are located around the globe.

"We selected AccessData as our main forensics & review platform. The primary advantage is the seamless integration with FTK. This is a big plus in terms of overall processing time and is very tangible in our daily work."

Kursad Guney

Sr. Forensic IT specialist

Grant Thornton

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Looking for a solution to handle massive e-discovery requirements with agility and ease?


This premier trial and litigation firm needed a scalable solution for quickly processing, reviewing and exporting 7 terabytes of data without sacrificing accuracy, insights or defensibility.

"Throughout the case, AccessData was there for us. They were much more than a vendor during this process. They were an extension of our team."

Greg Scott


Markowitz Herbold

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Are you thinking about moving your e-discovery software to the cloud to reduce expense and risk?


San Diego based firm Solomon Ward decided to adopt a cloud-based e-discovery solution as a way of reducing data security risks and expenses while still allowing the firm to easily manage its e-discovery workflow. After rigorous testing, the firm chose Hosted Summation and have seen impressive results, including the successful performance of the software in a multi-million dollar dispute with over one million records ingested for review.

"Our team was very pleased with the performance of the software in the hosted environment and the new e-discovery workflow we put in place."

Laney Schatz

Sr. Litigation Paralegal and Litigation Support Analyst

Solomon Ward

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