WFH? We Know a Thing or Two.

Caitlin Nelson

Apr 17 2020

If you’re starting to get stir crazy working from home, you’re not alone! Luckily, many of us at AccessData have been working out of home offices for years, so we thought we would ping our experts for some of their favorite tips and tricks!

Tip #1: Arrange for a Workspace in Your House

“Set up your home office space where you can (physically) leave it at the end of the day, so you can leave work there too and not bother your family with it...A spare bedroom or dedicated office.”

-Neil Solt |AccessData, Partner Programs & Sales Operations

Creating a dedicated workspace is crucial in maintaining a work-life balance. Having a physical space where you can turn on your professional mindset and get down to business can diminish the blur of personal and professional priorities. Whether you can utilize a spare desk in a guest bedroom or quieter room of the house, we’re confident that separating yourself will help you knock out your work tasks with ease.

Tip #2: Keep a Set Schedule

“Set your home office hours...You can certainly start before that, or end after, but it is crucial to stick to it. This also means that anyone else in your house can't interrupt you during those time frames.”

-Tiffany McLauchlin | AccessData, Account Manager

Remember the days of commuting, coffee shop runs and 9:00 AM meetings? Without those previous routines, it can be difficult when you can now wake up at 8:59 AM and still be on time for that Zoom. However, keeping a set schedule of your office hours allows your mind to recognize when it’s time focus on the assignments at hand. It’s essential to communicate these hours to members of your household so that unnecessary interruptions can be minimized.

Tip #3: Look Good, Feel Good

“Treat a WFH day like a normal day...Get up, shower, get dressed and get some caffeine!”

- Chris Miles | AccessData, VP Public Sector Sales

We can’t be the only ones who have been enticed to stay in our pajamas all day? Despite the temptation, taking the action of showering and getting dressed signals to your brain it’s time to buckle down. Not only that, but it also allows for the opportunity for you to feel comfortable turning on that webcam and showing your face to feel more seen and connected!

Tip #4: Invest in Good Technology

“Get a docking station, a mouse and mousepad, and a real keyboard. Don’t just use your laptop alone, it’s more cumbersome to use if you’re used to having a traditional desk setup in an office.”

- Lynne Walinsky | AccessData, Director of Marketing

“Have some kind of Bluetooth headset to allow you to walk around during calls so you can stretch your legs.”
- Wah Sun Sitman | AccessData, Account Executive

While your old Mac or PC are sufficient for temporary solution, we suggest you treat yourself and upgrade your technology! Having a reliable computer, sizeable monitors and high speed internet connection are just the first easy steps to creating a more productive work environment! While it’s not technology, a comfortable office chair is another must on our home office shopping list.

Tip #5: Stay Connected and Social Without the Guilt

“Utilizing Google Chat and other messaging apps have helped me feel connected to my coworkers and boosted collaboration efforts. It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut when working from home, so seeing my coworkers via Zoom, making jokes and swapping stories, have brought normalcy back into my life!”
- Caitlin Nelson | AccessData, Executive Assistant

We’ve done some research on quarantine and communicating via social sites is not against the rules! Taking advantage of all of the networking sites (within reason) can reduce the silo mentality and allow for continued creative collaboration among your coworkers. Connection and social interactions are important to the human psyche and with the help of social apps it doesn’t have to be canceled.

We’re confident these tips will help cure your cabin fever and create a better environment while working from home! Make sure you FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA for other tips and to be first to know about other happenings with AccessData.

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