Together We Can Do So Much: Introducing AccessData Gives Back

Lori Tyler

Dec 20 2016

The holiday season gives all of us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the things that are most important in life—family, friends and community. It’s also a time when we tend to give to charities a little more freely, to bring a meal to someone in need or maybe to pay it forward in the Starbucks drive-thru line (thank you, guy in front of me)!

As I was enjoying my cold brew spiced sweet cream (and yes, paying it forward myself), I smiled at the idea of a world where we could bottle some of that holiday cheer and spread it out all year round.

Demonstrating kindness and compassion through acts of service makes such a difference to those in need throughout the world. Charity work comes in all shapes and sizes, but in every act, you are directly impacting a life. Maybe your volunteer work helps children get proper nutrition, provides shelter to someone without a home, gets a senior to their doctor’s appointment, or ensures resources make it to disaster victims. Sadly, there are so many who depend on humanitarian efforts for their most basic needs and very survival, not just during the holidays, but every day of the year.

One of the reasons I love working at AccessData is because I get personal gratification knowing that our software helps law enforcement bring the bad guys to justice. But, as a company that employs people all over the world—and as an organization with the resources to do more—I felt compelled to see if we could pay it forward in a bigger way. With this in mind, we quietly started the AccessData Gives Back program a couple of months ago.

I am so grateful that the company embraced the idea and am so proud of our employees for giving so freely of their time and energy. AD Gives Back is now a formal worldwide corporate charity program. There will be a number of meaningful projects that we’ll be implementing next year as part of this program, but we started this year with the launch of AccessData Global Service Days.

The idea is for our employees to come together in the spirit of giving and participate in a day of volunteer service to their respective communities in which they live and work. We are encouraging every AccessData employee worldwide to give their most precious commodity—their time —in order to make a positive difference in their communities. In the process, we hope to inspire each other, connect with our communities on a deeper level and contribute to making the world a better place for all of us, every day.

A few shout-outs to some of our offices who have completed their first service days (of many more):

  • Our HQ office in Utah provided food and stuffed backpacks for kids at the local Sandy Elementary School who would otherwise go hungry when school is out of session.
  • Our entire International sales team (plus me!) came together in London to help guests at The Passage, London’s largest voluntary resource center for homeless and vulnerable people that assists 200 men and women daily.
  • And most recently, our Federal team supported the amazing Wreaths Across America, laying wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery to honor and remember our fallen U.S. veterans.

The spirit of giving back is alive and well at AccessData and we are committed to acts of service year round. The Helen Keller quote comes to mind, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Thank you to all AccessData employees around the world for your commitment to making our inaugural AccessData Global Service Days a wonderful start.

Happy holidays to all, and to all, a charitable new year!

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