The evidence is overwhelming. Quin-C 7.4 isn't.

Lori Tyler

Sep 29 2020

When we first launched Quin-C® three years ago, it was with the fundamental idea that with the flood of data across different, disparate data sources, forensic investigation in the digital age could get very complicated. However, the tools that investigators count on to do their job quickly, accurately and effectively shouldn’t be.

Last March, we blogged about the significant navigation enhancements that we made to the Quin-C interface, including a dedicated Investigator View even the greenest, most nontechnical user could follow. With our latest release, we’ve taken simplicity and clarity even further. All without sacrificing the Quin-C game-changing processing speeds essential to successfully advancing and closing more cases.

Quin-C 7.4 represents the culmination of years in the industry and extensive guidance from our law enforcement partners. It offers forensic teams a powerful tool, fast and agile enough to handle the most dynamic investigations, but so simple that any investigator can be up and running in minutes, producing efficient, highly accurate results.

Take a look at a few of our latest enhancements:

Investigator Dashboard

Preset processing option makes adding evidence a breeze

Even with our intuitive new interface update last spring, one issue we knew we needed to address was the adding and processing of evidence by investigators, regardless of their technical ability.

Quin-C now automatically detects the type of evidence being added and sets the correct processing options for you. Most common file formats are all preconfigured for automatic processing setup to facilitate fast review.

If you’ve used Quin-C before, you’ll also notice considerably faster evidence load times.

Add Evidence Wizard

Evidence Processing

Never-get-lost navigation keeps investigators on track

After evidence has been imported, our simple and interactive case dashboard makes it easy to know how to get started with a quick overview of the evidence in a case.

  • Explore evidence by specific criteria—computer or mobile device.
  • Quickly narrow your focus with the search filter (e.g., view graphic files only).

You can also conduct targeted searches within the dashboard.

  • Our intuitive and refreshed interface streamlines evidence review.
  • Filter, tag and review documents with never-before ease and speed.
  • Know at a glance if a file has been deleted, viewed or is a duplicate with new Visual Indicators in grid view.

Case Dashboard

Grid View

Shed light on the dark web and other dubious Internet activity

The new Quin-C artifact-driven review functionality is another exciting feature. With it, users can quickly detect and surface evidence of anomalous or suspicious Internet activity—including visits to the dark web, cryptocurrency sites or transactions, even reveal social media activity.

Web Artifacts

A little more to chat about

The last thing we’d like to share today are exciting enhancements in mobile data review.

Our latest parsing technology now surfaces even more critical mobile data, including chats, pictures and geolocation data.

Quin-C 7.4 ingests physical images or file system extractions from Android™as well as iOS®, with updated support for the latest UFDR and XRY files.

Mobile Chat

And that’s only the beginning. Offering amazing speeds, exceptional ease-of-use features more tightly aligned with your investigative workflow, and mobile data review on par with anyone in the industry, Quin-C has positioned itself as the platform to beat for blazing-fast evidence processing and practical, simplified web-based review.

More for Legal Reviewers Too!

Follow our blog to learn more next week about the new enhancements for legal reviewers. Anxious for a preview? Quin-C 7.4 brings legal teams:

  • Ability for administrators to perform batch review to distribute, track & monitor workloads easily, while ensuring reviewers are only seeing the documents they need to review.
  • Instant insight through the review dashboard, which shows progress status of review assignments at a glance, including automated alerts about imminent deadlines.
  • Enhanced coding panel that makes it easy to add issues and labels on the fly.

See Quin-C in action for yourself—ask for more information or a live demo.

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