Simpler Than Ever! Quin-C Predesigned Workflow for Fast Legal Review

Lori Tyler

Mar 27 2020

Earlier this month we blogged about a predesigned forensics workflow available in the latest Quin-C release. Legal teams, we haven’t neglected you! Now Quin-C lets you select a simplified interface prebuilt to guide the specific workflow of legal reviewers and attorneys. And we’ve sweetened the deal with improvements to our viewer technology, including QView.

Best news for legal teams: Review view

Review view offers legal teams the simplest path ever to fast legal review. Now any member of your team, regardless of skill level, can create cases directly from a preconfigured, top-level dashboard and see total and individual case data on secondary dashboards without needing to run filters or searches.

Use the visually rich Cases Dashboard to create, search for and open a case …

… and to view stats on total data, objects, bookmarks and labels across cases.

Cases Dashboard: All cases

Select a specific case from the “all cases” dashboard, and a prebuilt case-level dashboard displays detailed user activity, including stats on evidence, file categories, file status and labels applied.

Cases Dashboard: Single case

Yes, with previous versions of Quin-C you could manually create case-level dashboards—a useful feature for sure, but a bit time-consuming. Now you can skip the widget and get both a view of data from all your cases and instant case-level views in just a few clicks. That’s twice the best news!

You asked for it: Viewer improvements

Quin-C no longer uses Google Colaboratory (“Colab”) to render documents, so you can achieve faster viewing speeds with the enhanced integrated viewer available in this release.

And if you’re apt to jump to QView for faster rendering of very large files, you’ll appreciate improvements we’ve made to its color scheme after gathering user feedback.

We expect your legal team to get hooked on Review view and our improved viewers, but there’s even more to be excited about in the latest Quin-C release—including new mobile processing, review and analysis capabilities, which we’ll describe in a future post. To see it in action, you can ask us for a demo and 30 day free trial.

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