Reviewers Rejoice! QView Makes Mobile Data Easy to Review, Search, Tag, and Code Evidence

Lori Tyler

Jan 30 2020

As mobile data becomes increasingly relevant and discoverable in civil and criminal matters, lawyers need to quickly and easily review data such as SMS, MMS and conversations from third-party chat applications found on iPhones, Android and other devices during their discovery. As a result, UFED reports are quickly becoming the industry standard for reporting on mobile data sets.

Trouble is, this data is not always easy to search or review, increasing the likelihood that crucial and relevant data pertaining to a case could get missed. And, even if you’ve identified the mobile data you want to review, current technology is slow to render and often cumbersome for nontechnical legal reviewers to manage.

As clients put the pressure on to reduce costs, every second counts in document review. While we can’t control the skill and speed of your reviewers, we can empower them with the fastest, most intuitive technology available to set them up for success.

QView™, our lightning-fast desktop review tool, not only makes it easy to search, tag and code mobile extraction reports, but also delivers a seamless review experience that almost instantly renders all mobile data types and documents in native or near-native form.

You can say goodbye web-based rendering lag times. QView lets reviewers untether vital documents from the cloud to review them locally, simply and securely then easily sync their work to the database when back online. Whether get Android or iOS images from Quin-C™ or FTK® data parsers, or import XRY or other mobile extraction files, QView delivers the fastest, clearest view of your data. And thanks to an intuitive, simple interface that is easily mastered and a robust toolset capable of handling any standard review, users of every experience level can easily tackle critical review tasks.

Legal reviewers love QView because it lets them:

  • allow multiple users to work simultaneously;
  • mark data as “privileged” so it is automatically hidden for law enforcement agencies and other end-users who are not privy to a given data set;
  • tag key conversations, chats and other data for export and production to other common legal review platforms; or sync seamlessly to Quin-C or FTK;
  • keyword search across long chat conversations, SMS/MMS or any third-party chat apps;
  • see geolocation information; and
  • forensically review pictures and videos taken on a device.

QView addresses the top pain points that slow legal reviewers down, all within a standalone viewer that interoperates with other web-based investigative and discovery tools for unmatched, blazing-fast document review. Problems solved.

For a complete list of features and more information, download the QView brochure.

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