Leading experts in the field of digital forensics and e-discovery share their insights at the Access

Kevin DeLong

Apr 22 2016

VP Mobile, AccessData

Digital forensics and e-discovery converged at the three-day AccessData® User Summit that featured keynote discussions with experts in the forensic and legal fields. Forensics expert Chet Hosmer, Python Forensics Inc. and information security officer Nicholas (Nick) McLarty, CISSP, Texas A&M Transportation spoke with an audience from both sides of the industry.

At the first morning keynote session, I sat down with Chet to discuss some of the intricacies of Incident Response. During the course of our conversation, of course I had to bring up the Apple® iPhone® incident and get Chet’s perspective. Take a look at my question and Chet’s response here. Honestly, one of the best analogies I’ve heard on this topic!

Chet also made a crucial distinction between steganography and encryption as it relates to the results of the now-solved Apple iPhone/FBI showdown debate. We were diving into geek speak—how many people actually know what steganography is? But, Chet gave a perfect description you can watch here.

In the second keynote presentation of the day, we changed focus to discuss the importance of Information Governance and how it relates to Incident Response. Nick McLarty joined me on stage to give the audience insight into the concise, complete Incident Response plan he and his team developed in anticipation of deploying AD eDiscovery® at Texas A&M. Watch just a snippet about how all data isn’t the same and developing a plan to define how you treat different data is crucial to successful IG. Nick went on to explain the importance of everyone in the organization’s role when developing a plan.

On the second day, I moderated a panel with Chet and Nick that really got into some interesting topics. Chet echoed Nick’s comments from his keynote regarding the need to be proactive before an incident occurs. Then we dived into the topic of ransomware, a truly despicable practice that is occurring more and more often. I truly had a great time conversing with these two experts and our audience walked away with some great information.

If you’d like to see all three sessions and snippets of our conversations in their entirety visit AccessData here. You’ll also be able to download all the 2016 User Summit course descriptions and preregister for next year’s Summit to receive a 10% discount.

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