Image Detection or Image Recognition? Quin-C Does Both!

Lori Tyler

Apr 02 2020

Even the most seasoned practitioners have mixed up image detection and image recognition. Both are about identifying points of interest in images, but they’re not the same thing.

In simplest terms, image detection works to find pictures that contain details similar to those in a given picture, such as a face, object or landscape, while image recognition works to categorize objects in a given picture. Legal reviewers and digital forensic investigators need to run both—and now Quin-C delivers.

New to Quin-C: Similar face/object detection

The latest Quin-C release leverages distinct algorithms at the backend to enable both facial detection and object detection, extremely valuable features for when you don’t want to run facial recognition or image recognition processing jobs. (The capability is available in QView too.)

Let’s say you identify a picture of “Mr. X” in a case and want to find other pictures in the case where he’s present. Right-click and select “show similar face,” and Quin-C will display them all. You can run the same search on the results as well.

Similarly, for pictures that are not primarily faces (such as objects and landscapes), select a picture and then “show similar image”—Quin-C will return results of all similar images in your case.

More for sharing: New photo DNA processing

Now Quin-C includes integrated photo DNA processing, so besides finding similar pictures, you can easily label and distribute the photo evidence to your investigative team.

Now improved: Image recognition

From its inception, Quin-C has included powerful machine-learning capabilities for image recognition. Using TensorFlow, we train the engine for high-quality classification of images into categories, for finding instances of weapons, drugs, nudity, currency and more.

The latest release brings even faster and more consistent image recognition using the Quin-C tool. Now you can ignore nonrelevant data and select just the models and images on which you wish to run categorization.

Whether for cutting-edge image detection or more powerful image recognition, Quin-C has you covered. We’d love to show you both, and more—just ask us for a free demo.

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