E-Discovery at AccessData: A Year in Review

Jessica Carter

Dec 04 2018

It’s E-Discovery Day, one of our favorite “national holidays” at AccessData, along with Cybersecurity Awareness month in October. It’s a time when we can reflect back on how far e-discovery has evolved, from the early days of Zubulake and before the EDRM was founded to provide standards and guidelines to help reign in the process of e-discovery. Back to when a terabyte seemed like an unfathomable measure of data and before acronyms like FRCP, GDPR, TAR and other jargon became common language.

It’s also a time for those of us at AccessData to reflect back on our own e-discovery accomplishments throughout the year, including new enhancements and partnerships we’ve pursued to help support the evolving needs of our e-discovery customers. Here are just a few highlights from our most notable e-discovery endeavors of 2018:

New partnerships with ACEDS, WiE and EDRM

In 2018, AccessData became an affiliate member of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), to help further its mission to provide e-discovery professionals with content and programming that helps to educate on e-discovery best practices. We are also a National Sponsor of Women in E-Discovery (WiE) and regularly support events through WiE chapters. And our Gold membership with EDRM for 2018 has given us many unique opportunities to engage with the e-discovery community, from webinars we’ve sponsored to having our own employees involved with EDRM’s GDPR Working Group, to help draft guidelines for operating under the new regulations.

AD eDiscovery® and Relativity® Integration

Just a few years ago, only a handful of solutions existed for e-discovery, with many organizations using their own “home grown” tools and processes instead. Today, there are a multitude of vendors to choose from to manage every step of e-discovery. While AccessData offers one of the best solutions for managing end-to-end e-discovery in-house, we realize that some organizations may need to send their data to another platform for document review, like Relativity. So we’ve partnered with them to make the process of passing data between our platforms more seamless and secure, with a new direct export option that completely eliminates the need for cumbersome load files.

Summation 7.0 with Quin-C

Just launched last month, Summation 7.0 with Quin-C offers enhanced legal review capabilities, including one-click access to launch Quin-C from Summation. The release gives our customers the fastest and most scalable solution on the market today, which meets their extreme processing needs and gives them maximum control over the way they process, filter and view data.

AD eDiscovery now in the cloud

More and more organizations are moving data and applications to the cloud, a trend that will not slow down any time soon. To support our clients’ adoption of the cloud, we’ve rolled out new and enhanced connectors in AD eDiscovery so that data stored in the cloud through platforms like Office 365® Exchange, OneDrive®, box and more can be easily collected during e-discovery. And for those looking to move their e-discovery solution to the cloud, in 2018 we rolled out the option to host Summation® and AD eDiscovery through AWS™ or Microsoft Azure®.

AD eDiscovery Certification

Not only is it critical to have the right tools in place to manage e-discovery, but it’s also important that the teams tasked with performing e-discovery are knowledgeable in how to effectively use the software. That’s why we have launched a new AD eDiscovery Certification (ADED) this year—in addition to other legal certification courses already available—to provide customers a comprehensive course in the fundamentals of using AD eDiscovery.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with saying, “The only thing constant is change.” And e-discovery is an industry of constant change. At AccessData, we’ve been a part of that change—helping to spearhead it from the early days to our newest innovation with Quin-C for legal review. We are continually looking for ways to help our customers improve their e-discovery workflows, reduce costs, protect their data, and better manage the process of e-discovery. It’s been our mission since the business was founded over 30 years ago, and remains our promise as we look to the future.

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