Document review can be overwhelming. Quin-C 7.4 isn’t.

Lori Tyler

Oct 06 2020

This is the Quin-C that legal review teams have been waiting for! Building on last spring’s considerable interface and workflow update, the latest release of Quin-C delivers even greater ease and speed to document review.

Users will notice significant refinements to the Quin-C user interface, as well as a clear and more focused workflow-based navigation. Not just a pretty interface, the real WOW factor is the brand new batch review features and coding panel enhancements to speed document review even more.

Batches of updates for a better legal review experience

Fast and easy automated batch review functionality has been our legal review customer’s wish list for a while. Well, the wait is over. With our intuitive new batch review feature, e-discovery managers or administrators can swiftly create and assign batch document sets for review.

Batch Review

A simple, easy-to-follow Batch Review Dashboard focuses reviewers on only the documents assigned to them. Both administrators and reviewers get an instant view of review progress, case data and activity, ensuring the entire team knows exactly where a project stands at all times.

Batch Review Dashboard

Imminent deadline looming? No worries—automated Alerts help keep work on track.

Warning Indicator of Imminent Deadline Approaching

With this new Quin-C batch review functionality, it’s never been easier to distribute, track and monitor workloads—and to ensure reviewers are only seeing the documents they need to review.

E-Discovery managers and administrators can assign and manage document review with greater ease and flexibility. Most any reviewer, regardless of technical ability, can be up and running fast—focused only on the most relevant data. The entire team is always on the same page—and that’s a beautiful thing.

Code faster with fewer clicks

You spoke. We listened. You asked for a more streamlined document coding experience and the ability to edit your coding panel to add issues/labels on the fly. Quin-C 7.4 delivers. The ability to assign preset hot keys is a huge time-saver and less confusing to boot. Plus, our enhanced coding panel makes it easy to add issues or labels as you’re reviewing.

Edit Coding Panel on the Fly

See Quin-C in action risk-free

We’re excited about these new enhancements and know your legal review teams will be as well. Our latest updates were built with just two things in mind: simplicity and efficiency.

See Quin-C in action for yourself—ask for more information or a live demo.

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