Buona Giornata! AccessData’s International Client Advisory Board Gathers in Rome

Lori Tyler

Oct 10 2017

I’m looking up at a beautiful sunny sky on my last day in Rome. As I sit with my caffe latte and pastry on the hotel terrace overlooking the bustling Piazza della Repubblica, I’m reflecting on our 3rd annual International Advisory board meeting.

Aside from the lively discussions, debates and brainstorming during the day, I have to admit one of the lasting memories from this trip will be dinner with an uber talented local chef. I asked him why Italian cooking is so special. He said because it’s a mix between sapore and sapere. Sapore is taste, flavors and sapere is knowledge. It is a dance between the knowledge of these flavors and the ingredients.

Ahh, somehow between the twinkling glow of candlelight, the flowing wines and Italian accent, that sounded like pure magic. I still had it on my mind the next morning, as I walked back into the meeting room. I looked around the room and first thought about how grateful I was to be there and to work with so many amazing people who sit on the board as members.

My second thought was around that mystical dance. It’s a similar fusion that we are always trying to perfect at AccessData, the knowledge of our market and the people who make it up. The Advisory Board is one of the ways we try bring together our own sapore and sapere to create such magic.

The board is a unique working body made up of senior executives in the digital forensics and legal markets at various organizations around the world. The purpose is to help give AccessData the knowledge to better understand the changing needs of our markets, which helps us to design and deliver more relevant offerings to our customers.

Some of the substantive business sessions in this year’s meeting included:

  • The vision, strategy and roadmap for each of our primary software tools. (So many exciting ideas that will shape our 2018)!
  • A discussion about our aggressive move into the cloud with AD Lab, our flagship enterprise platform for managing digital forensics investigations.
  • Preview of a new tool we’ve developed to ease compliance burdens and reduce organizational risk related to the implementation of GDPR. (So many sleepless nights over the looming regulation)!

As I take my last sip of coffee, I snap back into reality, aware again of chattering tourists and honking cars. I’m so humbled by my time here and the privilege of working with smart, thoughtful people, both inside the AccessData family and at our various client organizations. In addition to being valued customers, we depend so much on them, their knowledge and their commitment, to make the dance work.

A very special thank you to the members of our board who took time away from work and family to advise us on how we can do better as a company. We pledge to continually strive to develop products that meet your needs and provide you with access to a team of people who support your usage of those products.

Until next time, ciao ciao from the eternal city!

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