A 411 for CIO & CISO Digital Investigation Tech Planning

Carolyn Casey

Aug 22 2016

CISOs and CIOs are increasingly attached at the hip in large organizations. They have their hands full protecting the corporation from digital threats and overseeing the company’s information technology purchases and deployments. The CISO role has grown since the Target cyber-breach. Not to mention the impact of an appellate court ruling allowing the Federal Trade Commission to sue companies for lax data security. In honoring its 2016 CIO 100 winners, noted that outstanding CIOs “are pioneers on the digital frontier, using technology to reshape their relationships with customers and open doors to new revenue streams.” The digital transformation requires CISOs and CIOs to keep the wheels moving while innovating to lead their companies into the future.

Yet keeping up with operational groups’ changing technology needs is a constant hamster wheel. The CISO and CIO must stay informed on changes in the legal, regulatory and compliance environment to support human resources, legal, IT and compliance technology planning. The vast amount and variety of corporate information that must be investigated puts relentless efficiency and security stresses on data security, incident response, internal investigations, regulatory compliance and e-discovery processes. But how can busy CISOs and CIOs possibly keep up with all this?

Here’s a 411. I recently wrote a guide for CIOs and CISOs on digital discovery technology planning. The eBook summarizes legal and regulatory trends, data challenges and horizon issues facing internal customers that must rapidly find and analyze data for policy and legal investigations. Also included is a solution checklist for technology planning to meet both immediate operational and larger organizational needs. Be sure to download a copy here.

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