Computer Forensics

From device collection, imaging, data examination, and decryption, AccessData can arm you and/or your team with the knowledge, skills and abilities to face the daily challenges of a high-technology world.


Every day we are faced with new challenges as individuals use technology to commit crime. Law enforcement, the justice system and private industry need to address these challenges by obtaining the necessary training on computer crime investigative techniques.  AccessData can educate you in technology help you develop the skills necessary to identify, respond, investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate these cases.

Training Delivery Options:

Traditional Classroom

Choose a pre-scheduled class in a city near you! AccessData provides a wide variety of courses in a classroom environment with numerous sessions scheduled in the U.S and around the world.

Live Online Training (LOT)

AccessData’s LOT allows you to participate in our training courses remotely from the comfort of your office, while still providing a fully interactive environment that simulates the live learning experience. Students interact with the instructor while using a standardized hardware setup from their remote location.

Online, On-Demand (LMS)

The AccessData® LMS allows for video-based delivery of nearly all of AccessData’s Computer Forensic training course material in an on-demand format.

Let’s Get Started

ResolutionOne Legal interoperates with FTK, allowing users to perform additional analysis that FTK offers and then review data as part of their larger cases. Likewise, ResolutionOne ingests files from AD’s Mobile Phone Examiner Plus so that users may review the often highly relevant case data found on mobile phones and tablets.