Computer Forensics – Certification


The ACE® credential demonstrates your proficiency with Forensic Toolkit® technology. Although there are no prerequisites, ACE candidates will benefit from taking the AccessData BootCamp and Advanced FTK® courses as a foundation. In preparation for the process, candidates are encouraged to test their knowledge of the skills acquired in the AccessData BootCamp and Advanced FTK courses by reviewing their course manuals for the above-mentioned courses.

ACE Process

The ACE certification consists of a free, online exam with both knowledge-based and practical-based components. There are no prerequisites.

  • To take the ACE exam, click HERE.
  • Click: Register.
  • Complete the requested information.
  • Click: Create New User.
  • Select the ACE 6 exam.
  • The number of test questions, time limit, scoring information, and testing functionality will be presented to you after clicking on the exam of your choice. At that point, you may click “Start this Test” or logout and take the exam at a future date.
  • To download the ACE 6 image file, click HERE.

ACE Maintenance

  • ACE Credential Maintenance is required two years after the initial ACE certification and every two years thereafter to maintain the ACE credential.
  • ACE Credential Maintenance requires passing the current ACE examination; the examination can be taken online at a time of your choosing.
  • The examination will be based on the most current versions of FTK, FTK Imager, Registry Viewer® and PRTK®.
  • There is no educational requirement for ACE Credential Maintenance.

Email the ACE Manager

  • Verify ACE status
  • Ask questions about the ACE Exam
  • Provide current email address for reminder notices
  • Contact the ACE Manager

ACE Study Materials

Download the ACE Study Guide

The study guide provides topic areas that examiners need to be familiar with to successfully pass the Knowledge Based Assessment. It additionally lists topics of practical ability that a candidate will need to pass the exam. The knowledge and skill lists apply directly to the ACE 6 exam but are also retroactively applicable to the ACE 5 test.

Updated study videos are available on the testing site. You will need to log in to your account or register a new account if you don’t yet have one. Once logged in, click on “Take a Test” and then click on “Tests and Content.” You should see a program called “ACE Study Program.” Click on the program and begin when you are ready.

The program consists of a group of lessons and a practice test. The lessons are PDF user guides for each tool and a video overview of the function of each tool in the UTK® (Ultimate Tool Kit®). You may go through each one in order or skip around as you desire. It is not required that you complete the program or any lesson before you take the ACE 6 exam. This program is just being provided as a review and study platform if you wish to use it.

The image file for the practice test is found at the same link as the link for the image files for the ACE exam above. There is no timer for the program nor is there any completion certificate.