Powered by trusted FTK® processing technology, Summation® utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, so data never has to be moved throughout the e-discovery process, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation.


Redesigned Legal Review

Staying true to its innovative roots, today’s Summation is the first and only web-based solution that combines native and image ingestion, data processing, early case assessment, case organizer, transcript management and final review in a single platform— entirely eliminating the need for iterative processing, data loading and repetitive review cycles. Offered as a stand-alone, appliance or as a component of AD eDiscovery, Summation covers the post data collection stages of the e-discovery process as well as transcript and case management functionality. All this plus a tool that still addresses the needs of desktop review and heritage Summation users.


Now Included in Summation

Let’s Get Started

Summation interoperates with FTK, allowing users to perform additional analysis that FTK offers and then reviewing that data as part of their larger cases. Likewise, Summation ingests files from AD’s Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) so that users may review the often highly relevant case data found on mobile phones and tablets.