nFIELD: Fast forensically sound mobile data acquisitions in just 5 simple steps and with virtually zero training

nFIELD provides fast, forensic mobile device data collections and triage with a simple to use interface and virtually zero training necessary. Users can perform logical and physical acquisitions of mobile devices along with UICC and mass storage devices; all in five simple steps. nFIELD can also be customized by an administrator to only allow the collection of certain types of user data, and even allow for the collection to be stored in a network mapped drive.

Get Actionable Intelligence Right On-Scene

The amount of critical evidence that is stored in mobile devices has made data collections even more challenging.  nFIELD provides a fast and simple way to triage mobile devices that potentially contain crucial evidence right on-scene. Law enforcement, enterprise and corporate investigators will benefit from nFIELD’s ability to quickly report mobile device evidence, allowing for instant triage when time and resources are limited. 

Maintain Evidence Integrity

With the rapidly increasing mobile device usage, mobile devices are now critical to Enterprises and Law Enforcement for evidentiary purposes. Consequently, more and more personnel without proper training are now performing data collections from these devices increasing the chances of data corruption.  nFIELD allows for the collection of a device by non-forensically trained users as well as users with little or no technical ability.  nFIELD automatically creates a forensic image along with a report so first responders/collectors can preview and obtain the data of interest. Likewise, HR representatives can safely conduct a quick baseline image and collect data from mobile devices to gather evidence involving employee misconduct or sexual harassment cases.

Address BYOD Risk and Expedite Incident Response

Today, companies are increasingly burdened by BYOD and proliferation of a nomadic workforce.  Employees are connected with mobile devices all over the world.  Enterprise IT and forensic teams are now limited by budget and onsite device collection challenges.  nFIELD allows forensic investigators as well as IT Security teams to collect mobile device data from different locations. 

SC Magazine Oct 2015