Mobile Phone Examiner <em>Plus</em> ®  (MPE+)

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus ® (MPE+)

Take control of your investigations with the only mobile forensic solution that enables you to adapt to ever-changing mobile device technology and address new challenges in real time.


MPE+ Reno Police Department Case Study

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) helps Reno Police Department streamline ever-increasing case load problem.

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Empower your investigations - MPE+

Empower your investigations with MPE+, the stand-alone mobile device forensic solution that provides the tools necessary to quickly collect, easily…

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Tackling the Challenges of a Mobile Driven World

Law enforcement agencies and enterprises are struggling with too many devices, too many mobile apps, too many data types. AccessData…

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MPE+ and nFIELD Brochure

nFIELD not only provides seamless mobile device data collections but also automatically creates an AD1 forensic image along with a…

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MPE+ for E-Discovery

With the explosive growth of mobile device usage and mobile data, security and legal teams are encountering complex e-discovery challenges…

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The Future of Mobile E-Discovery

In the business world, the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones and tablet devices is proliferating. This…

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MPE E-discovery Brochure

Are You Ready For Mobile Electronic Discovery? With Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+), legal professionals now have an easy and…

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MPE+ VELOCITOR™ is an add-on hardware tool that integrates seamlessly with MPE+ to unleash the power of physical and logical…

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