Mobile Phone Examiner <em>Plus</em> ®  (MPE+)

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus ® (MPE+)


Graphical Interface
Visualization Tools
Advanced Alert Manager
Enhanced Gallery View
SQlite database Browser
Built-in iOS And Android Parsers
Plist Viewer Built Into Natural View
Hex Interpreter
SIM And USIM Support

Broad Support Of Mobile Devices

Broad Support Of Mobile Devices

MPE+ supports 7000+ devices, including more than 1300 unique profiles that often present challenges to investigators including:

  • Android ™ devices, including full physical extraction from rooted devices
  • Any iOS® compatible devices up to iOS 8
  • Windows Mobile® devices.
  • Blackberry® devices, including the import of Blackberry BBB (Blackberry Backup) files and select general devices.
  • Legacy phones including LG, Nokia Series 30/40, Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, Sony Ericsson and others.
  • Chinese embedded chip-sets and counterfeit phones.

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Automated Smart Application Recovery

Built-in SQL Query Building Capabilities

  • Built-in SQL Query Building capabilities
  • Automated Application Parsing

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Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

  • Built-in python scripting capabilities.
  • Enhanced Android™ device analysis
  • Enhanced iOS ® device analysis

Watch video: MPE+ pythonScripter
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