AD Enterprise

AD Enterprise


Conduct forensic investigations on multiple machines
Correlate and monitor user activity
Database driven processing engine
Preview static data in real time
Support regulatory compliance
Active Directory integration
Process and index 7000+ data types
Audit logging and role based access supports
Identify, Collect and Analyze data from multiple OS

Identify and kill unapproved processes

Thorough Remote Remediation Options

Mitigate risk by wiping sensitive data or killing unauthorized processes from remote endpoints.  AD Enterprise supports malware and malware artifact removal from static and volatile data as well as Windows Registry entries.  Killing rogue processes and wiping files can be performed by a right click, or can be scheduled for more complex batch remediation operations that addresses multiple machines.

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Differential analysis on volatile data

Identify Rogue Processes Using Differential Analysis

Perform differential analysis on volatile data to see identify changes over time and facilitate identification of potential threats.  Assist in breach response activities by identifying malware mutations, packed files, and other advanced hacking techniques. Volale data artifacts are color-coded, allowing investigators to easily determine potenal threats.

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Wizard-­driven processing and reporting

Wizard Driven Workflows and Full Featured UI

Minimize disruptions to normal operations and immediately begin investigations with the most intuitive and user friendly interface in the industry.  AD Enterprise can be deployed in less than a hour and have teams prepared to respond to search requests for sensitive or confidential data in support of regulatory requests and breach investigations.

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