Case Review & Management

AccessData offers full-service online case review – from data loading to production to opposing counsel - using the Summation Software platform. Includes free workflow planning, case set-up, consulting, project management and training.

AccessData hosts a secure and simple to use platform that allows parties to review cases online in with none of the overhead associated with installed software. Our hosted platform offers document and transcript review, issue tagging and coding, foldering and organization, marking and redaction, privilege review, advanced searching techniques and document productions with the ability to burn-in redactions and stamps. We also include free case set-up and management with one of our experienced litigation support professionals who will stay with your matter throughout its lifetime. Because this is a cloud service and security is granular and flexible, parties can log in from geographically disparate locations, outside the firm or corporate law department and even from different sides of the ‘v’ to review the same document set.

Hosted Case Review

AccessData’s hosted case review service provides a secure and simple to use platform that meets all your litigation support software needs via a simple web connection. Highlights are listed below.
◦AccessData’s experienced team can take data in any form and quickly import it into the hosted platform.
◦The interface is easy to use and review teams can be trained in under 30 minutes.
◦The online format allows real-time collaborative review, so internal staff, outside counsel, various parties and your AccessData Litigation Support Services team can work together seamlessly.
◦Permissions associated with user logins granularly control access to all areas of the case, allowing you to customize views and roles for each user or review group.
◦Review platform functions include ability to review documents, e-discovery and transcripts; ability to annotate and redact; performance of privilege logs, and document productions; advanced searching, email threading, concept search and relevance ranking; and extensive reporting of case functions and reviewer activities.

Dedicated Project Management

Each case hosted with our cloud-based review platform is assigned its own case manager from our team of litigation support professionals. This person helps with case planning, set-up, and maintenance throughout the life of the matter.
◦Project management and case supervision is included in your hosting costs and there is no nickel and dime charge each time you call your case manager.
◦Dedicated case managers come from our experienced team of former attorneys, litigation support managers, and paralegals. Because they stay with your case throughout its lifetime and act as your one point of contact, they become like another member of your litigation team. You never have to deal with someone who doesn’t know your case.
◦Your PM will conduct free training for your team and consult on case set-up, work-flow options, best practices and optimization of your experience with the review platform.

Data Normalization

Because data comes to you in many forms and from multiple sources, your AccessData litigation support team is expert at making it usable for you.
◦Take data in any loose file or load file format and adapt it so it can be loaded into our hosting platform.
◦Preserve annotations, mark-ups and redactions when loading data harvested from another platform.
◦Test all images and database files against each other to ensure integrity and standardization.
◦Make sure all documents and images are properly linked, that all images referenced are available and that all records have images that are sortable and usable in the review platform.
◦Perform data and field mapping prior to loading.