Host & Network Analysis

The solutions used for data preservation are all currently used by law enforcement, government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations for investigations and legal proceedings. Our technology and methodology is forensically sound, ensuring that chain of custody and data integrity is maintained and validated by our robust logging and reporting.

AccessData experts have assisted organizations of all sizes in exposing and investigating a variety of criminal and malicious activities, including the following:

The analysis capabilities of AccessData technology:

Fastest Forensic Processing

We have clients who can complete comprehensive forensic processing of a terabyte of complex data in 12 hours, using FTK. Although processing speeds are also dependent on the hardware being leveraged, FTK delivers distributed processing, allowing us to divide case load among 4 processing workers. In addition, our Lab solution allows us to expand distributed processing for even greater speed. Our ability to dramatically reduce processing time streamlines your investigation. With this processing power, we can take on a massive investigation with terabytes of acquired evidence and begin analysis faster than any other service provider.

Apple® OS Support

Unsurpassed Memory/volatile Analysis

And More

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