Data Acquisition & Preservation

The solutions used for data preservation are all currently used by law enforcement, government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations for investigations and legal proceedings. Our technology and methodology is forensically sound, ensuring that chain of custody and data integrity is maintained and validated by our robust logging and reporting.

AccessData experts are able to acquire and preserve data from computers, network shares, removable devices and mobile devices. In addition, we are able to record network communications, including VoIP.

Using our proprietary technology, we can search and collect from hundreds of computers across your enterprise, including employees’ laptops and removable media, even if they are not logged into your network. These capabilities are just a few ways in which AccessData differs from other service providers.

Below are details on data acquisition capabilities using our proprietary solutions:

Enterprise-class Data Acquisition Leveraging FTK® Technology

Mobile Device Acquisition Using MPE+

Network Communications Recording With SilentRunner®

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