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Summation/AD eDiscovery Training Options

Your place, our place, a virtual place.Train in the environment that works best for you. Doesn’t it make sense to invest in training to ensure…

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End-to-End Digital Investigation: Efficiently and seamlessly collect, audit & analyze data across the enterprise

Whether conducting a large-scale search or audit against a broad range of structured and unstructured data or supporting the complete end-to-end e-discovery process, AD eDiscovery®…

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AD eDiscovery Brochure

Efficiently and seamlessly conduct enterprise-wide search, targeted forensically sound collection, systemized preservation, litigation hold, processing, data assessment and complete legal review—all while keeping costs in…

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Managed In-House E-Discovery

The Best of Both Worlds. E-discovery on your own network but installed and managed by AD’s expert services team.

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The AccessData Approach to Technology Assisted Review

In Summation, the TAR workflow has three basic phases: teach the system, apply the system’s learning, and perform quality control.

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Award-Winning Managed Services at Predictable Prices

Our strategy for managed services is simple. We took the industry’s most advanced legal review technology in Summation and partnered with the industry’s premier hosting…

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Summation Appliance Brochure

The power and functionality of Summation delivered in one ready-to-use package!

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Three Options for Managing the E-Discovery Workflow with Summation

Every organization has distinct needs when it comes to selecting and implementing an e-discovery solution. That’s why we offer multiple ways for our customers to…

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Professional Services

Empower your team to work more effectively and efficiently with help from experts trained in forensics and e-discovery processes.

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