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The New EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Strict Legal Framework for Digital Privacy

After nearly four years of negotiations, European Union officials have finally reached agreement on a pan-European digital privacy law that, once approved by the European…

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What’s on Your Mobile? ESI Trends and Their Impact on E-Discovery

As employees accelerate the use of smartphones and tablets for creation of business information, the amount of ESI residing on mobile devices is certain to…

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Technology Assisted Review (TAR): How Can Europe Use the Genie in the Bottle

Predictive coding rang from the headlines of European legal publications early this year, as British and Irish courts approved use of technology assisted review (TAR).

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AD Enterprise System Security Overview

This paper focuses on the security aspects of AD Enterprise. It describes two classes of users who interact with AD Enterprise, the security procedures that…

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Regulations, Privacy, and the Enterprise: Global Trends in Data and Collection

Today’s tech trends are having a tremendous impact on legal business operations. Nowhere is that more prominent than in protection and discovery, where mobility, social…

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A CIO & CISO Guide to Digital Discovery Technology Planning

As the growth of digital information continues to mount, so do the challenges facing CIO’s and IT professionals tasked with managing and protecting that data.…

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AD Lab - Divide, Collaborate and Conquer!

Computer forensics labs across the United States and around the world are struggling to keep up with their ever-growing caseloads. The overwhelming increase in cases…

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Compliance Officers at UK Financial Institutions Leverage Technology for Faster Response to Regulatory Investigations

The business practices of companies in the UK financial industry are under increasing scrutiny. European and American regulators have handed down large fines to more…

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For Internal Investigations, Technology Is Playing Catch-Up With Technology

In an interview with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, AccessData Senior Sales Engineer Scott Lefton discusses the changing landscape of internal investigations and the need for companies…

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