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MPE+ Reno Police Department Case Study

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) helps Reno Police Department streamline ever-increasing case load problem.

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Case Study: Grant Thornton, global accounting, tax and advisory company puts its trust in AccessData for computer forensics and e-discovery solutions.

Grant Thornton selected Summation for its integration FTK, improving internal workflows and service quality through its rapid remote collection.

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Case Study: How a federal agency can reduce backlog from 9 months to 2 weeks and save $500,000

A federal agency reduced its forensics review turnaround time from months to days, while also providing a substantial increase in savings through the use of…

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Case Study: Saxony uses AccessData FTK

The regional financial agency in Lower Saxony uses AccessData FTK to track down tax evaders.

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OFD Niedersachsen setzt auf Digital Investigations mit AccessData

[Deutsch] Forensische Software im Einsatz bei der Oberfinanzdirektion Steuersündern auf der Spur: OFD Niedersachsen setzt auf Digital Investigations mit AccessData.

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Case Study: Royal Military Police seeks out AccessData for Digital Forensics

AccessData Lab, powered by AccessData’sForensic Toolkit® (FTK®) is the technology, used by all 3C staff to process and analyze potential evidence. AD Lab also allows…

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Case Study: AccessData’s Summation, E-Discovery at Archer & Greiner Becomes a Value Added Service to Clients

Archer & Greiner adopted Summation to provide an integrated approach to e-discovery and leveraged Summation to reap the efficiencies, cost-savings and strategic knowledge of a…

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Finding the EZ-button for Targeted Collection with AD Triage

A leading global water and wastewater treatment company decided to adopt AccessData's Triage solution - an intelligent data preview and acquisition tool.

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