Case Study: Grant Thornton, global accounting, tax and advisory company puts its trust in AccessData for computer forensics and e-discovery solutions.

Grant Thornton selected Summation for its integration FTK, improving internal workflows and service quality through its rapid remote collection.

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Gaining Control & Reducing Costs—A Leading Home Manufacturer Brings eDiscovery In-House

A major corporation moved from a services-based litigation system to an in-house model using AccessData’s e-discovery software, AD eDiscovery®. Managing…

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Digital Forensics

MPE+ Reno Police Department Case Study

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) helps Reno Police Department streamline ever-increasing case load problem.

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Empower your investigations - MPE+

Empower your investigations with MPE+, the stand-alone mobile device forensic solution that provides the tools necessary to quickly collect, easily…

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