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Reduce Backlog, Power through Caseloads and Improve Collaboration

Whether you’re in law enforcement, part of a federal agency, in education or a member of a digital forensics team, AccessData is the proven partner for public sector organizations that are working to keep up with the exponential growth of digital technology and its impact on forensic investigations. Amid new challenges like fraud and increased backlog from growing, more complex caseloads, it’s critical that teams can zero in on relevant evidence faster than ever before.  

AccessData has tools to locate and analyze data often unavailable through conventional processes, allowing examiners and investigators to collect key evidence quickly and with confidence. The leading court-cited solution for more than 10 years, the public sector standard for efficiency, accuracy and collaboration. It is database driven for speed and resiliency and because it interoperates with other AccessData tools, it’s a scalable solution that will grow as your needs evolve. 


Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®)

Digital Investigations

AD Lab

Large-Scale Investigation and Processing

AD Enterprise

Network Investigation and Incident Response

AD eDiscovery®

Collect, Audit & Analyze

Mobile Solutions

MPE+® and nFIELD™


Redesigned Legal Review


Our Professional Services team can work with any size organization to provide scalable support for short- or long-term initiatives, based on your needs.

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