Company Overview

Over 130,000 users in corporations, law enforcement, government agencies, and law firms around the world rely on AccessData solutions for digital forensics, e-Discovery and litigation support.

AccessData Group At A Glance

  • Founded: 1987
  • Company Headquarters: Lindon, Utah
  • US Offices: Washington D.C., New York, Houston, San Francisco
  • International Offices: UK and Australia
  • Training Centers: Australia, Germany, Japan, Netherlands. United Kingdom, United States
  • Training Attendees: 6,000+ annually
  • Worldwide Clients: 100,000+

About AccessData Group

AccessData Group has pioneered digital forensics and litigation support for more than twenty years. Over that time, the company has grown to provide both stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions that can synergistically work together to enable both criminal and civil E-Discovery of any kind, including digital investigations, computer forensics, legal review, compliance, auditing and information assurance. More than 130,000 customers in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world rely on AccessData software solutions, and its premier digital investigations products and services. AccessData Group is also a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification, with our much sought after AccessData Certified Examiner® (ACE®) and Mobile Phone Examiner Certification AME programs.

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