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Native Production—Advantages to Producing E-Discovery Natively

By Scott Lefton

Native productions are on the rise. Lawyers are quickly realizing the benefits to all parties when it comes to producing files natively. Single-page TIFF productions are still commonplace among many litigators, but this graphics-only format is quickly becoming obsolete in the modern world of today’s e-discovery. With the increase in electronic data (mobile data, Internet chat files, social media and email) and the advancements in document review technology, the “paper discovery” methods of the past, like TIFF and PDF conversion, are increasingly unnecessary and no longer cost effective.

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Leading experts in the field of digital forensics and e-discovery share their insights at the AccessData® User Summit.

By Kevin DeLong

Digital forensics and e-discovery converged at the three-day AccessData® User Summit that featured keynote discussions with experts in the forensic and legal fields. Forensics expert Chet Hosmer, Python Forensics Inc. and information security officer Nicholas (Nick) McLarty, CISSP, Texas A&M Transportation spoke with an audience from both sides of the industry.

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Those Little 8 Words: Experts Weigh-In on e-Discovery Proportionality and the FRCP

By Arvind Chigurala

The most significant reforms to electronic discovery rules under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) since 2006 went into effect on December 1, 2015. “The amendments may not look like a big deal at first glance, but they are,” said Chief Justice John Roberts.

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European Views Emerge on Defunct Safe Harbor: 4 eDiscovery Strategies

By Abdeslam Afras

Here is a snapshot of the evolving post-Safe Harbor 1.0 world, and a few suggested eDiscovery strategies to avoid trouble. As EU officials sift through the impact of the recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) monumental ruling that eliminated Safe Harbor -- the central mechanism US companies relied on to move personal data from Europe to the US – they are sharing their go-forward plans and giving some guidance to US companies caught in a never-never land.

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After ILTA, Ready to Select an Enterprise e-Discovery Solution?

By Jonathan Mitchell

September 17, 2015 For those of us who were in attendance at ILTACON 2015, a four-day educational conference hosted by the International Legal Technology Association on August 30-September 3 in Las Vegas, we were treated to a comprehensive look at the tools available to help professionals working in technology within law firms and in-house legal departments.

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Let’s Play Nice Together: 4 Benefits to Getting on the Same Page for e-Discovery

By Nadine Weiskopf

As Legaltech News reported, one of the more intriguing developments with the various changes in evidence rules and judicial expectations that impact e-Discovery is the steady evolution of professional responsibility codes pertaining to client/attorney collaboration. For example, outside counsel is increasingly expected to be knowledgeable about the technology used during e-Discovery and to articulate to the court how e-Discovery was managed with the corporate client.

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Gartner Report Identifies Disruptive Forces in eDiscovery

By Scott Lefton

The first of those notable market developments, according to Gartner, was the growing usage of Microsoft Office 365. “Migration to Office 365 has set off evaluation discussions and upgrade projects on e-discovery processes and tools,” said the report. “This is a common theme: Organizations are in the process of migrating email and documents into Office 365 and need to take a step back on what that means to their established e-discovery process and technology application.”

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Exciting Times at AccessData

By Tim Leehealey

This move makes good business sense and the timing is right. Our AccessData business is as solid as ever, while our incident response business is seeing myriad market opportunities. It’s not a question of whether the sum of our business parts is greater as a whole; the reality is separating AccessData into two companies translates into improved agility and customer focus to achieve business excellence.

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Because you know I’m all about the Case Organizer, Case Organizer, Case Organizer…

By AccessData Insight

Summation’s Case Organizer capability will empower litigation teams to build their case from the ground up as they prepare for trial. It will improve your case organization, analysis and collaboration through the use of its powerful, yet simple and intuitive workflows.

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Bring E-Discovery Hardware In-House for More Control, Flexibility and Improved Results

By AccessData Insight

Today’s e-discovery software platforms are the most powerful and efficient the industry has experienced. With advanced, behind the firewall deployments, customers have the ability to deploy litigation holds, execute full or targeted collections, process 700+ data types, and perform early case assessment and final review from a single integrated solution.

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The End of the Forensics/e-Discovery Divide

By Tim Leehealey

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard professionals in the e-Discovery and/or forensics field talk about the extreme differences between e-Discovery and forensics. If they’re forensics experts, they talk about the bag of complex tools they have and the obscure methods they use to unearth the hidden truth on a suspect’s computer and mobile devices. If they’re e-Discovery experts, they talk about leaving the collection up to the forensics experts so they can focus on contemporary non-linear review techniques. These experts are out of touch, and often they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. The simple fact is the two markets are converging so rapidly that I would be amazed if the divide wasn't completely gone within the next two years.

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